A-Live Training Saturday January 4

“If there were ever a time for NEW, it’s NOW!”

There is no time to waste.
The game is changing as you read this.

We have two choices:

Be indispensible, or irrelevant.
Adapt, or become extinct.
Stay old, or play NEW.

Remain the same, or change your game.

Remaining the same is easy, comfortable and pleasurable.
Change can be hard, uncomfortable and painful.

What if change were easy, comfortable, pleasurable and fun?

When you play the new game, change is your friend.

You change every conversation and every relationship.
You transport others to where they want to go.
You transform yourself as a person and a professional.

Join us Saturday January 4 at 2pm eastern, 11am pacific for a live training you don’t want to miss, based on the #1 best seller:

Win the NEW Game of Selling…
Up Your Game, Lead the Field, Play in a Whole NEW League!

There is no sign up.
Just show up here at this page 2pm eastern, 11am pacific time…

Why NEW, Why Now?

Because 5 major trends are changing the game. You will know the cost to play the same, and the payoff to change your game.

You’ll get the 6-step process that transforms the old game into the new game.

We will break down how you can be THE trusted voice of choice, the only game in town and attract ready buyers, convert more into clients, increase your fees, listen like your life depends on it, and make a bigger difference in the lives of the people you serve.

We’ll have “The Money Talk” about 4 different ways you can price yourself from least profitable to most valuable. You’ll see how you can get a raise, and be paid what you’re really worth.

This one segment will change your game, and likely your life.

In every conversation, someone is selling something; a product, service, idea, issue, or cause. Every time you speak, people buy or don’t buy what you say.

Everything changes when you play the new game. Whatever you do for a living, this training will give you the practical tools to up your game, lead the field and play in a whole new league.

Get ready to re-ignite your passion, re-invigorate your career, and re-energize your life.

Mark your calendar for Saturday at 11am pacific, 2pm eastern.

Please share the love with your friends, they will thank you:

There is no sign up.
Just show up here at this page 2pm eastern, 11am pacific time…

You’re a player.
You can change the game.

I’ll meet you on the field Saturday January 4 at 11am pacific,
2pm eastern for a game changing training and life changing experience.

Mitch, CEO – Chief Encouragement Officer
Author, #1 Best Seller “The NEW Game of Selling™”

P/S ~ Lifetime membership expires Sunday 1/5!

We extended The NEW Game of Selling lifetime Players Club membership. Get forever access to this billion-dollar library, play with the best players, and receive world-class coaching every month.

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