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  • The NEW Game of Politics

    The NEW Game of Politics

    “It’s time we stop screaming, shouting and insulting each other. It’s time we see other points of view without insisting or demanding that our view is the right view or worse, our view is the ONLY view. Let’s stop talking at, and start talking with one another again.” — Your humble Blogger The EVIL of […]

  • No-Box Thinking™

    No-Box Thinking™

    To play and win the new game, it’s wise to embrace no box thinking. Outside the box thinking is really just inside a bigger box. You’re still bounded. Go beyond outside the box. Throw the box away. As my friend Clay Cotton says, “What box?” Re-start, right now, wherever you are with a clean slate. […]

  • 3 Simple Truths of Life

    3 Simple Truths of Life

    We can be so addicted to thinking about the future that when the future is finally present, we will be absent — because we will already be thinking about what comes next. Why dream our lives away? Why suffer over what was but no longer is? How can we stop living in our fantasies of […]

  • How America Can Stop Exporting Jobs…

    How America Can Stop Exporting Jobs…

    Stop Exporting American Jobs… Transform Customer Service into NEW Business Profits! “People all over the world want what you have… including your job. The difference in the new game is that they don’t have to come to America to get it! By exporting our culture and now, our jobs we’re sending it to them!” — […]

  • Intangibles… What Doesn’t Show Up Counts!

    Intangibles… What Doesn’t Show Up Counts!

    In baseball, the box score summarizes the game. It contains the numbers that can be quantified. It’s a marvelous device that provides a snapshot accounting of the game in a one inch by two inch vertical box.. A box score doesn’t give you a feel of the game. It doesn’t explain how the game was […]

  • Don’t Miss THIS Residual Income Train

    Don’t Miss THIS Residual Income Train

    Get Off the Platform… Hop on Board! There are many things you and I have in common with the rest of humanity. One shared experience is that somewhere along the line, we have all missed a train. Literally, and figuratively. I have missed quite a few. This past weekend, it hit me over the head […]

  • 10 NEW Game Distinctions

    10 NEW Game Distinctions

    Here are 10 of the dozens of distinctions we made during our live seminar in San Diego: The NEW Game… of Business, Money and Life! 1. Welcome to the Age of Interdependence: You can’t do it alone. Your team is as valuable as your talent. Sometimes, more valuable. Assemble your team. Playing with better players […]



    Welcome to… The New Game™! My name is Mitch Axelrod. If you’re ready to play a new game of business, money and life, I encourage you to get in the game, jump on the field, step up to the plate, and swing the bat. My aim is to help you prepare your game plan, assemble […]