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  • A Tribute to My Father, Ed Axelrod

    On this Father’s Day I’m reminded of so many things that make up the man I most admired. I was blessed to have more than 50 years with Ed Axelrod. His passing in 2006 left a big hole in my life. That day he left us I sat at his dining room table and spent […]

  • My Best Friend Gone 5 Years

    I Miss My Best Friend May 20, 2014 Five years ago today my best friend died in my arms. Bruiser the English bulldog was 10. “Man” and dog have a special love affair. Unconditional dog love touches our soul in a forever way. My tribute to Bruiser opened up emotional floodgates. It triggered the biggest […]

  • The NEW Game of Selling Training Replay

    The NEW Game of Selling Training Replay

    If you missed our training, or want to experience it again (it is filled with golden nuggets), here’s what we covered minute by minute: 00:00 Welcome / Intro / Purpose 06:00 Success Happens Fast 10:00 Who Are You? Which position do you play? 15:00 What Do You Want? 19:00 Why NEW, Why Now? 25:00 The […]

  • A-Live Training Saturday January 4

    A-Live Training Saturday January 4

    “If there were ever a time for NEW, it’s NOW!” There is no time to waste. The game is changing as you read this. We have two choices: Be indispensible, or irrelevant. Adapt, or become extinct. Stay old, or play NEW. Remain the same, or change your game. Remaining the same is easy, comfortable and […]

  • Soul is the NEW Goal

    “Do your soul setting and role setting, then do your goal setting!” ~ Yours truly Happy New Year! Do you find that New Year’s resolutions often cause more stress than success, and create more frustration than liberation? We know how fast even the most committed “resolutionist” falls off the wagon. I’ve read that stress costs […]

  • Are You a Goal Setter or River Person?

    A goal setter identifies the destination, and charts a course to get there. You know where you’re going. You control your rudder to stay on course. A river person jumps in the water and rides with the tide. You don’t know where you’re going. You surrender and go with the flow. Goal setters like control. […]

  • Lifetime Coaching My Gift Today

    Lifetime Coaching My Gift Today

    “With your mentoring and The NEW Game of Selling, I was able to engage in meaningful conversations with prospective customers and got a $30,000 assignment in the first month. You said, ‘Come home with a check’ and I did! Without your help I would not have had the courage, the structure or the words. Thank […]

  • Birthday Love

    On December 2, 1988 I got my best birthday gift ever. My son Adam was born. He’s 25 today and touring the Road to Hana in Maui. Happy Birthday, Adam. I love you! This year is special. I begin my 60th revolution. In many ways, I am starting over. We’re entering the Chinese Year of […]

  • Marc 10 Years Gone, Never Forgotten

    Marc 10 Years Gone, Never Forgotten

    In the blink of an eye, it’s 10 years today our lifelong friend Marc Rosberger, affectionately known as the “Moped” left us far too early and way too abruptly. Marc always encouraged me to “finish” to take my shot instead of passing the basketball. Marc, you’d be proud of me. I finished my book and […]

  • Get the #1 Amazon best seller today my gift

    Get the #1 Amazon best seller today my gift

    If you’ve seen my emails or Facebook posts, you know The NEW Game of Selling is on Amazon Kindle. Yesterday The NEW Game of Selling became a #1 best seller. So today, we’re celebrating. All day today Saturday, 11/2 you can get the Kindle book FREE. You can download a copy for yourself, and please, […]