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  • Power Networking Floating on the Caribbean

    Power Networking Floating on the Caribbean

    I am in Cancun last summer floating on a raft in the Caribbean Sea when I float by another guy floating on a raft in the Caribbean Sea. This “floater” turns out to be a Senior Vice President at IBM. When he asks me what I do, I tell him I help my clients increase […]

  • The Power of Showing Up

    The Power of Showing Up

    I had an amazing experience last weekend, testimony to the power of showing up. Robert and Bonnie Butwin are two of the finest people I know. I promised them I would speak at their first public seminar, wherever and whenever it was. They decided on beautiful Napa Valley, California. Last Friday, I left my house […]

  • “Imperfect Action Beats Perfect Inaction!”

    “Imperfect Action Beats Perfect Inaction!”

    — Your humble Blogmeister If I said this once, I’ve said it 10,000 times. And that’s just to myself. For more than 10 years, I have been sharing in seminars, on teleconferences, during meetings and with my clients my mantra… “Imperfect Action Beats Perfect Inaction!” The science of Axiology (human value) gives us a tool […]

  • The Year of New, The Year of YOU!

    The Year of New, The Year of YOU!

    Life is so tenuous. It changes forever in a moment. With a natural disaster wreaking unspeakable horror, people of the world have come together as never before. We are united in our humanity, not divided by ideology. The tsunami and its aftermath have changed the world. Hopefully, forever! We re-discovered our universal connection: each other. […]

  • Be FOR, Not Against!

    Be FOR, Not Against!

    If you really want to stand up and stand out, be FOR things and people, not against them. In situations, I often pay attention to what is wrong. I have a bias toward seeing what is missing. It makes me a good problem solver and consultant. It also makes me miss what is present and […]

  • Acknowledge and Validate Someone Today!

    Acknowledge and Validate Someone Today!

    Countdown: 14 days until the BIG 5-0! ***REMINDER: TELECONFERENCE SERIES*** The NEW Game of Money™: Increase Your Active Income! This call will NOT be taped. Do not miss it. Listen in. Sign up here now. A few years ago I wrote a few issues of a newsletter called, “The Daily Bread!” It was a short […]

  • NO More Fear!

    NO More Fear!

    Face Down the Fear Gremlin… I’m going to tell you something personal, in the spirit that a shared experience will enrich you or someone you know. It hard to admit it to myself, even harder to admit it to you. It’s worth the risk if it helps you or someone you care about. It’s two […]

  • No-Box Thinking™

    No-Box Thinking™

    To play and win the new game, it’s wise to embrace no box thinking. Outside the box thinking is really just inside a bigger box. You’re still bounded. Go beyond outside the box. Throw the box away. As my friend Clay Cotton says, “What box?” Re-start, right now, wherever you are with a clean slate. […]

  • 10 NEW Game Distinctions

    10 NEW Game Distinctions

    Here are 10 of the dozens of distinctions we made during our live seminar in San Diego: The NEW Game… of Business, Money and Life! 1. Welcome to the Age of Interdependence: You can’t do it alone. Your team is as valuable as your talent. Sometimes, more valuable. Assemble your team. Playing with better players […]



    Welcome to… The New Game™! My name is Mitch Axelrod. If you’re ready to play a new game of business, money and life, I encourage you to get in the game, jump on the field, step up to the plate, and swing the bat. My aim is to help you prepare your game plan, assemble […]