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“The Money Talk” and “Secrets to Hook The Big Fish”

The Money Talk

The “Money Talk”. You know that part in the sales process when it is time to bring up money? Sometimes it can be uncomfortable especially if you are naturally hesitant to ask for money or put a value on your products or services.

We’re going to talk about it today in our LIVE monthly Players Club coaching. We will discuss:

– How and when to bring up the topic

– How much to ask for

– Pricing yourself the right way (there are different ways!)

– And most importantly…actually getting paid.

“If you are in any type of business where you price yourself, the ‘Money Talk’ by Mitch Axelrod is hands down the best piece of content I have ever encountered. I implemented a couple of simple common sense strategies which resulted in an immediate 20% increase in income in private training.

I went back over the previous five years of my tennis business when I was doing over 400 hours a year of just private training. Turns out I left $38,500 in profit on the table. I won’t make that mistake again in my tennis or my new business.”


Ken Maget

Secrets to Hook the BIG Fish… How to Land the Million Dollar Client!

Have you ever been intimidated by the thought of working with a large client–one that could potentially be worth a million dollars or more? If you are a small business owner you might only feel comfortable working with other small businesses.

But the truth is…it is not much more different to get into a large company than a small or medium-sized business. In either case you are working with people. The better you become at working with people the faster and easier your progress.

Here’s the best part: there are far fewer people competing for the larger client because many people do not have the interest, experience or comfort level to make this type of company a target.


6 Customer Responses

There are SIX different responses your buyers give when you ask for a commitment. Your success in sales is directly connected to how well you reply to these customer responses. If you’re missing any one of these replies you will lose out on opportunities that could be yours.

This coaching can translate into quick and lasting results when you add these six plays into your NEW Game of Selling playbook.

Personal Coach-ability…Master The Art of Learning From Others

Our topic for this month’s coaching is increasing your own personal “Coach-ability”. By becoming a member of The NEW Game of Selling Players Club you have made an important investment in coaching and mentoring. Today we will talk about how to get the most out of that investment through mastering the skill of being coachable.

“Closing a Sale” vs Gaining a Commitment

As sales professionals we all know the term “Close The Sale” very well. In fact, often there is constant pressure to always be closing.

However, have you ever considered the psychological impact on both you AND your buyer of thinking of it as a “close”? Consider how that feels to you as a buyer? Do you like to feel “closed”?

The great news is it doesn’t have to feel that way. There is no need to memorize 24 different “closing techniques” to be an effective sales person. On our coaching call we’ll reveal what to do instead to gain a committed buyer for life, not just close a sale.

Simply by making this one psychological shift your interactions

with prospective customers will never be the same.

No More “Objections”

We rarely talk about “objections” in The NEW Game of Selling because nobody actually “objects” to buying something they want to buy. However, you might actually be causing resistance in your buyer without meaning to do so.

You may also be interpreting something as an “objection” that is merely a stall in the process or a chance for you to nurture the relationship.

We’ll coach you how to prevent resistance by improving your questioning skills. Once you do this, you can eliminate resistance and advance the relationship rather than have it stalled.

Be The Trusted Voice of Choice

How do you become a trusted voice in your industry–and especially to your customer? In order to do this you must understand the critical distinctions between…

Information, Knowledge and Wisdom.

It’s so tempting to try and dazzle a prospective customer with loads of information or to impress him with your knowledge about your particular product or service. Find out what to do instead to really cultivate trust and set yourself apart from everyone else.

Bursting The “Belief Bubble”

“Belief is not merely an idea the mind possesses. Belief is an idea that possesses the mind.” ~Robert Oxton Bolt

A big part of what is getting in the way of making more sales is your own beliefs. We think that we own our beliefs, but in a way they can actually own us!

In our coaching we will coach you through how to burst through your own “belief bubble” that may be holding you back.

Clear Your Past, Reduce Stress by Mastering Stimulus-Response

Have you ever started to talk to a prospective customer or client and gotten an immediate negative response? You sense that their minds become instantly closed to your message before you even have a chance to present it?

That person might be “reacting” from the past rather than “responding” from the present. In this coaching we’ll show you how to master the “Stimulus – Response” model to align your speaking with their listening. You’ll be able to help them be fully present with you and connect with them in a whole new way. This coaching will change the way you interact with customers and reduce stress for you in many aspects of life.

Reactivate Dormant Customers

Three powerful questions that re-connect, re-engage, and re-activate past, dormant, and inactive customers. Harness the value of content marketing to recapture customers who once favored you with their business.

Deadly Mistakes That Can Kill Sales

“Failure is instructive. The person who really thinks learns quite as much from his failures as from his successes.” ~John Dewey

Sometimes the biggest learning comes from our failures rather than our successes. However, nothing that says you can’t learn from the mistakes of others. One of the big advantages of being a member of The NEW Game of Selling Players Club is that you do NOT have to take hard and expensive route of only learning from your own mistakes.

In this coaching Mitch will take us through some of the most deadly mistakes that have ultimately cost sales deals for himself and for his clients. He will share some case studies and then pull out the most important nuggets of learning that came from the ones that got away.

And sometimes…it is just as valuable to recognize when NOT to make a deal that isn’t in everyone’s best interest.

Transforming Rotten to Ripe

Your business is like a farm. A rotten crop yields no harvest. How do we keep it from turning rotten? By helping our customers stay RIPE.

In our coaching we will discuss what RIPE means and how it keeps your customers happy and wanting more of you.

The RAMM Formula – Transport and Transform Your Customers

For today’s coaching we delve into the most versatile model in The NEW Game of Selling: The RAMM Formula (Results, Action, Measure, Modify).

It can help you and your customers get from where you are to where you want to be.

The Pyramid of Performance – Stop Spinning Your Wheels and Perform at Your Best

If you are not playing your best game right now, this coaching will help you locate where you are stuck and release the “brake” you have locked on.

Today we will show you the “Pyramid of Performance” which is a simple but powerful model to help you get UN-stuck.

You’ll see “what, why and how” to get your mindset, motivation and methods aligned. You’ll play a better game when your head, heart and hands are all working together.


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