Happy, Happy

The New Year! It’s a time to resolve!
Maybe more important, it’s a time to reflect.

Resolutions are about looking ahead to what you don’t yet have.

Reflection is about looking at what you already have, what you experienced and what you learned.

Take as much time to appreciate the reflections as to contemplate the resolutions.

If you are fortunate to have your health, your loved ones, food, clothing, safe shelter, a livelihood and a living, you are blessed. Give thanks for your blessings. My heart goes out to anyone not as blessed as you and I.

The holidays create more stress, tension, anxiety and depression than any other time of the year. This is fueled in part by the pressure of consumer compulsion. The rush to buy something, rather than the peace to simply be with someone inverts the real value and true meaning of this special time of year.

The holidays have become too much about spending, and too little about spirit.

Some people will be paying off their holiday spending spree for months, some will never be able to pay it off.

In my forthcoming book, The NEW Game of Money™ I make a clear distinction between financial independence and financial freedom.

Independence is a statement of account.
Freedom is a state of being.

Financial independence is having enough money to live without having to work.

Financial freedom is being free to live, however much money you have.

Independence is in the having.
Freedom is in the being.

Freedom, like happiness is not a goal, it’s not a destination.
It is a place you come from, not a place you go to.

I know a lot of people with money to burn who have no freedom. Money is their master. They are financially independent, but they are not financially free.

I know other people with little or no money who are free as birds. They make the most of what they earn, and fully enjoy the lifestyle their money buys. Money is not their master; they are happy whether they have a lot or a little. These people are not financially independent, but they ARE financially free.

You can choose to be free of money however much you have. You can choose to be free of the impulse to keep up with others, and spend money you may not have on things people do not need.

Instead, give your blessing, your compassion, your gratitude, your time, your encouragement, and your love. These things cost nothing, yet they are the best gifts of all. When the cosmetic consumer items tarnish and fade, your blessing, compassion, gratitude, time, encouragement, and love endure.

I send you my blessing, compassion, gratitude, encouragement, and love.

I wish you plenty of plenty – freedom and interdependence.

2005 is in the rear view.

As for 2006, “Bring it on!”

You’re a player.

I look forward to taking the field with you.

Happy New Year!

Mitch, CEO – Chief Encouragement Officer™
The NEW Game – A NEW League

P.S. Soon, look for announcements to join conversations about “The NEW Game of Coaching™” – Stay tuned…

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