Just Imagine IF… PEACE Broke Out!

Today, Pope John Paul II is laid to rest.
Be at peace, Your Holiness.

It’s likely Pope John Paul II will become a saint.
Although I am not Catholic, he gets my vote.

He was a man of peace, love and understanding.

Peoples of all faiths mourn his passing.
He was more than a religious leader.

He was a universal being.
He was you, and he was me.
He was all of us.

If we could ask him what one thing he would like to see happen as his legacy, here’s my guess for what his answer would be:

All the world’s leaders go straight from his funeral to a World Peace Summit. Nobody leaves until they hammer out a deal to make global peace a permanent state of being. Every leader signs his name.

** Just Imagine IF… Peace Broke Out! **

What a gift to Humankind, and a great legacy to His Holiness.

John Paul II understood the difference between power and force.
He had no army of force, yet he had God-like power.

If the rest of the world’s leaders could, for one day, summon up a small fraction of the courage the Pope displayed in his steadfast resolve to stand for peace, the world could transform in 24 hours.

All it would take is ONE courageous leader to say,

“Everybody back to my place. Nobody leaves until we hammer out a permanent global peace. Leave religion, nationalism and politics at the door. This transcends all of them.”

How hard is that?

Mr. President, your role model is Jesus. Would you like to go down in history as a great man of peace? What say you summon up Jesus-like faith in your fellow man. Step up and take a stand for the one thing we all want to see in our lifetime:


Please Mr. Bush, make our day. Take a stand. Make the call.
Convene that Summit!

There will NEVER be a better time than NOW!

Our children, your daughters and my son deserve it.
Pope John Paul II would want it.

Rest in peace, Pontiff. You will sorely be missed.

With peace, love and understanding,

CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer™)
“Just Imagine IF… PEACE Broke Out!”

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