New Game Podcast Episode 8 Replay-Licensing

By Mitch • February 26th, 2012

Playing Field: The NEW Game of Content Marketing
Playbook: License Your IP and Rent Your Content
Play: Deliver Wisdom by the Nugget

Here is the unedited podcast recording:

MP3 File


This podcast is for you if:

- You want to know the exact game plan to capitalize your
content and monetize your intellectual property

- You don’t know all three different ways to license content

- You have education or information assets that are not
producing income but could

- You want to make money online even if you don’t have your
own product (or want to add a proven one)

- You are an author, trainer, coach, speaker or entrepreneur,
and a “NO Box” thinker

- You get excited about making a major difference and possibly
multiplying your message to millions

- You don’t have content but

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would like to make a good income
licensing someone else’s content and intellectual property

- You’d like to have a $60,000/year or higher “retirement”
income in 3-5 years from licensing and renting content

Get free audio

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and pdf explaining how to “Rent” your content

License The NEW Game of Selling




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