NEW Year, NEW Game


I commit to:

1 – Eliminate these “11 Killers of Human Potential” (and humans): righteousness, certainty, arrogance, bitterness, judgment, denial, attachment, envy, comparison, ego, and fear.

2 – Stop committing the “7 Deadly Sins of Self-Abuse” – instead of what I should, ought, must, need, supposta, hafta, and gotta do, I choose my life.

3 – Be unconditionally loving, kind, supportive, compassionate, conscious, cooperative, collaborative, and creative.

4 – Love, serve, and obey my conscience. I express my truth.

5 – Do my soul setting and role setting then do my goal setting.

I resolve to have a soulful, role full, and goal filled year.

How about you?

Happy NEW Year.

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