NEWSWEEK Proclaims The NEW Game is Here!


Newsweek 2/14/05 cover proclaims:

“The New Game of Retirement!”

The NEW Game is officially here!

I first introduced “The NEW Game” in the workshop…

*** “Seven Steps to Marketing and Sales Success!” ***

I wrote a 192-page workbook to give to each person
who attended this two-day program. In addition to me,
we had five phenomenal guest experts including:

Carl Galletti on the secrets of advertising.
Karen Anderson on getting hot mailing lists.
Harvey Schoof on Axiology, the science of human values.
Paul Hartunian on getting publicity.

(Ask Paul where he got his start and his first video, and
he’ll tell you, “At Mitch’s workshop.”)

Finally, we had the pleasure of having Ken Kerr, project
manager for EPCOT Center and Disney Japan dazzle us
with a two hour slide show, “Mouse Power: Billion Dollar
Secrets of the Magic Kingdom.” His presentation was one
you will never see the likes of again.

Ken left us in July, 2004. Today is Ken’s birthday,
I acknowledge you, Ken. I miss you.

Fortunately, we captured all 15 hours on high quality
video and audio. I will re-release this program shortly,
and let you know how to get these tapes and workbook.
It should be part of your library.

Chapter 1 of the workbook is titled, “The NEW Game!”
The copyright is 1992.


The NEW Game is Here!

From the New Blockbuster to New Cingular (Wireless),
“NEW” is beginning to show up everywhere. I am
encouraged to see companies embrace the new game
of business, use new marketing strategies, teach new
selling approaches, and renew service commitments.

People are changing the game from the inside, out.
More and more people are playing the New Game of
Coaching, Consulting, Speaking, Training, Selling,
Network Marketing, Media, Leadership, and yes,
even Politics.

The biggest game of all: The NEW Game of Life!

Everywhere you turn there is a new game, with new
rules that requires new thinking, a new game plan,
a new play book, and new plays. We need new
strategies, new solutions and new skills.

The new game is INTER-DEPENDENCE!

You can PLAY the game by yourself.
You cannot WIN the game by yourself!
The game is not fun by yourself!

The NEW Game is a team sport.

Winning is more than personal glory.
Winning is shared success.
Winning is lifting others on your shoulders.
Winning is making your teammates better players.

Victory is sweetest when you celebrate as a team.
Just ask the New England Patriots.

Who you play with is as important as how you play.
Your team is as important as your talent.

I am committed to help you win your New Game.
I can help you perform at a higher level.
I can help you become a better player.

We have game plans and play books for you.

We have tele-seminars and workshops.

We’re creating a community of New Game Players™!
You get access to game plans, play books and plays.

You’re a player.
Step on the field.
Enjoy the game.


P.S. Gifts to Help You Play the New Game™

You can download the digital book, “Seven Steps to
Lift Your Leverage-Ability and Make a Quantum Leap!”
and listen to a 10 minutes of new game solutions here.

P.P.S. In the spirit of NEW, I invite you to join us for a provocative
“No-Box” series of tele-seminars. We’ll announce these calls here
on the Blog, on our home page and in our NEW Game News letter.

We will speak the truth and set the record straight on…

The NEW Game of Retirement!
A “Real” Game Plan for Financial Freedom and Independence

The NEW Game of Business… The Ultimate Profit Model

The NEW Game of Business for BIG Business…
The Ultimate Corporate Profit Model (for our corporate partners)

The NEW Game of Marketing, Selling, and Service…
An Integrated Business Model to Attract, Convert, Keep More Customers

The NEW Game of Coaching, Consulting, Speaking, Training…
Be More Highly Paid in the Helping Professions

The NEW Game of Money…
Increase Active, Passive, and Residual Income

The NEW Game of Network Marketing…
Attract, Convert, Keep, and Duplicate Players

The NEW Game of Spirituality…
Axiology, the NEW Science of Human Values

The NEW Game of Personal Development…
Life Skills for Business, Business Skills for Life!

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