Old vs. NEW – Attract Hungry Fish

I’m often asked what is the difference between the old game and The NEW Game of Selling™.

The difference is in how we attract, qualify, convert, keep and multiply customers.

In this excerpt we focus on how to ATTRACT ready buyers who are searching for what you have and are ready to buy it now.

If you want attract more “hungry fish” to your business, this one big distinction will change the game.

The Old Game

Ads All About Us

In the old game, the message was all about us. We attracted prospects through advertising and marketing. We used radio, TV, direct mail, postcards, and space ads to talk about our product, service, features, advantages, benefits, and unique selling proposition.

We sprayed our marketing and hoped enough people caught the message and responded to it. That moved them into our marketing pipeline and onto the next step.

Old game marketing was inefficient and expensive. It cost a lot to fill your pipeline with as many prospects as possible, and you couldn’t know if the people you attract are real buyers.

The NEW Game

Attract Hungry Fish

In the new game we attract hungry fish. We magnetize people who are searching for what we have and are ready to buy it now. Our message from the beginning is all about them. Are you interested in me? I doubt it. You are interested in you.

In the NEW Game, I send you a message all about you.

If you’re a hungry fish swimming around looking and searching for an idea, strategy, or solution, I will attract you to me. I’m speaking your language, walking in your shoes, sitting in your chair, and seeing through your eyes.

I’m connecting with what you’re thinking. I’m talking buyer talk, not seller speak. I’m stimulating you to think about possibilities you’ve never considered.

If you want to attract hungry fish, stop squawking about you and start talking about them. Reconstruct every message you send to focus on people not your products.

In our next excerpt, we’ll distinguish the old from the new game of qualifying your buyer.

The NEW Game of Selling™ releases November 1 on Amazon Kindle!

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