Podcast: License Your Information, Rent Your Content

Podcast Friday, February 24 at 3pm eastern, Noon pacific.
How to License Your Information and Rent Your Content

Playing Field: The NEW Game of Content Marketing
Playbook: License Your IP and Rent Your Content
Play: Deliver Wisdom by the Nugget

Dial: 626-677-3000
Code: 12254#

Content is the currency of the NEW Game of Business.
The demand for quality, high value education is exploding.

Content marketing is a game changing transformation.

Licensing intellectual property (IP) and renting content is
big business.

It’s a great time to be paid to deliver high value content,
whether it’s yours or someone else’s.

Licensing intellectual property (IP) and renting content
produce a higher return than almost any kind of product
or service exchange.

You trade digital electrons for dollars.
You pay virtually nothing to deliver them.
You keep almost everything you receive.

If you have high value information, content and wisdom,
even if it’s still in your head, you can license and rent it.

If you don’t have it or want something new and different,
you can license someone else’s content.

Businesses need audio, video and written content.

On this Friday’s Podcast, we will discuss how to use your
IP and content to create active, passive and residual income.

Join us Friday February 24 at 3pm Eastern, Noon Pacific.

Dial: 626-677-3000
Access code: 12254#

You’re a player.
You CAN change the game.

I’ll meet you on the field Friday 2/24 at 3pm Eastern.

Mitch, CEO – Chief Encouragement Officer
License Your Information and Rent Your Content

P/S ~ If you want a sneak preview, listen to my briefing
about how to license your IP and “Rent Your Content” here: