Podcast Replay: Relieve Role Frustration

This is Part 2 in a 3-part series to identify symptoms,
isolate the root cause, and eliminate these frustrations
that undermine health, wealth, relationships, success.

Part 2 – Relieve Role Frustration


MP3 File

Are you doing what buy cheapest cialis online you value, and do you value what you do?

If either answer is no, you probably have role frustration.
Role frustration comes from not doing what you value,

not finding value in what you do. It’s the second of three
deadly silent killers of happiness and joy.

Role frustration diminishes health and well being.
It creates stress and dissatisfaction with daily life.

Our research with more than 1,000 value profiles reveals
2/3 of us have role frustration.

The economic cost is staggering.
The personal cost is immeasurable.

What is the antidote to relieve role frustration?
It’s NOT working harder.

Listen to Part 2 – Relieve Role Frustration



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