Podcast: Rainmaking… The Ultimate “Green” Business

Podcast: Friday Feb 10th, 3pm Eastern, 12pm Pacific

What is a rainmaker?
Does it
have something to do with the weather?

What does a rainmaker do?
Do only big firms and Fortune 500 companies have rainmakers?

Do I need a rainmaker for my
business to be “green?”
How do I find someone to make rain for my business?

Can I BE a rainmaker for my own business?
Can I BE a rainmaker for someone else’s business?

What skills are needed to make rain?
Persuasion? Networking? Presentation?

Do I need to learn how to do a rain dance?

We’ll “Gamestorm™” Rainmaking on our next Podcast:

Friday, February 10, at 3pm Eastern, Noon Pacific.

Dial: 270-400-1500
Code: 12254

Invite your friends and colleagues who want to make rain.

You’re a player.
You CAN change the game.
I’ll meet you on the Rainmaking field Friday at 3pm Eastern.

Mitch, CEO – Chief Encouragement Officer
The “Rainmakers Rainmaker”

P/S ~ This has made $3 billion of rain for thousands
of businesses and hundreds of thousands of people:


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