Rejection Proof Your Networking

A few networking tips and last minute reminder about
tonight’s Webinar sponsored by Networking Times Magazine!

As of 5pm eastern yesterday, we had 774 people
from all over the planet enrolled in tonight’s Webinar,
“Rejection Proof Networking: How to Speak to Anyone,
Anywhere, Anytime!” Truly, the Internet is amazing in
its unique ability to bring the world together.

There is still time for you to join us. With a webinar,
there is no limit to the number of people who can play
the game (except for us Macintosh users who cannot
get through the turnstiles in a PC arena).

If you can get on a PC you can join this game. You
don’t even need a telephone. The audio is streamed
live over the Internet, so people in all 24 time zones
can hear it in real time. Beam me up, Scotty!

You can listen to the entire 90-minute program for
only $1.97 at this sponsored link.

(Note: You will be asked to join their community to listen
for $1.97. It’s worth it. There is no charge to join. You can
then listen to upcoming university programs as well.)

I put together a 20-slide Powerpoint presentation
filled with new thinking, new language, new skills,
new messages, new approaches, and the single most
important model to help you make new choices.

Here is a small sample of what we will discuss:

* Overcome resistance, eliminate rejection and gain
acceptance for your product, service or business. The
key: eliminate all barriers to open up other people to
hear you. Become a more powerful communicator.
I will show you how to eliminate past baggage,
bypass automatic reactions and cause people to
respond in the present.

* Three statements that can turn anyone into a
networking resource. When you get clear on what
you do, why you do it and who you are looking for,
you will never get rejected again. I will show you
“how” to get clear on what, why, and who.

* Fill your Marketing Pipeline™ and be first
in line when people are ready. There are three
phases in every person’s Buying Cycle™:

Satisfied, dissatisfied, ready.
I call ready buyers “Hungry Fish!”
Fish eat when hungry, not when you drop the line.

What happens when you fill your pipeline with
hungry fish, and you are first in line when they are
ready to buy? I will explain exactly how to do this.

* Build a team of the best players you can find.
In the new game, team is as important than talent.
Sometimes team is more important than talent.

Until you are clear about who you are looking for,
the universe (“one song”) conspires against you.
When you get clear about who you are looking for,
and you put that vibration out, the universe aligns
to help you attract them.

There are accidents. There are coincidences.
There is serendipity. There is synchronicity.

They will happen more often when you get clear
about who and what you are looking for.

* Be confident to approach anyone, anywhere,
anytime. Are you held back by a hesitation to
approach people who can help you? If this is true
for you, or for others you know, you will benefit
from being able to, “Take a Millionaire to Lunch!”

I explain this is detail in my audio training series,
“Rejection Proof Networking!” Get it along with
“MEGA-Referrals” both for the cost of one here.

Tonight, I’ll explain how to “Take a Millionaire
To Lunch,” and exactly what to say to her.

* Release your brakes and unleash your best.
Whatever holds you back is in one or more of three
areas: mind-set, motivation or method. I call these,
“The Pyramid of Performance.” You will release
the brakes that have you locked up when you align
your mind-set (purpose, the “what”), motivation
(passion, the “why”), and method (payoff, the “how”).

These three are synergistic. Unlocking one brake can
often help unlock the others. To unleash your best,
align your what, why and how, then watch your
performance reach new heights.

* Master Network-Ability; leverage all your contacts.
I know this is true for you, because it is true for me:
We are not coming close to leveraging our network.

A great part of teaching is learning and reminding
myself to do what I teach others to do. I urge you
to teach what you know to others, whether you get
paid or not.

Mentoring is mastering.
Teaching is self-learning.
You become what you teach.

I get to present my message live. You get to listen,
watch a great slide presentation (a course by itself),
ask a question, take notes, all at no cost to you. By
sponsoring the event, Networking Times Magazine
covers your fee.

Everyone wins. We are playing “The NEW Game!”

Tell your friends, even tell your foes. Collaboration
is good for the game and healthy competition makes
you a better player.

You can listen to the entire 90-minute program for
only $1.97 at this sponsored link.

You’re a player.
Enjoy the networking game.

CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer ™),
“Rejection Proof Networking!”

P.S. Listen to the entire 90-minute program for only $1.97.

(Note: You will be asked to join their community to listen
for $1.97. It’s worth it. There is no charge to join. You can
then listen to any upcoming university programs as well.)

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