So Long Soul Frustration, Hello Flow!

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“So Long Soul Frustration, Hello Flow!”

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“Eliminate Soul, Role and Goal Frustration:”

Goodbye Goal Frustration

Relieve Role Frustration

Last Friday and Saturday John Assaraf asked me to speak
to and help coach his private business mastermind.

One distinction everyone said had a big impact was:

The SOUL – ROLE – GOAL of Life!
I surveyed them for soul, role and goal frustration.

Almost all these successful people had goal frustration.
Half had role frustration.
Many had soul frustration.

Signs you have soul frustration are you:

  • Feel a gap between the real and “ideal” you,
  • Find it hard to be yourself and live life your way,
  • Place opinions and thoughts of others above your own,
  • Seek affirmation from outside instead of inside,
  • Do not love or like the person in the mirror,
  • Try to fill the hole in your soul with more goal,
  • Devalue your immeasurable, irreplaceable, intrinsic self,
  • Speak against yourself silently or out loud,
  • Take things personally that other people say and do,
  • Are not guided by True North or trust your intuition,
  • Have headaches or a gnawing in the pit of your stomach.
  • If you have any of these join our next podcast:

    “So Long Soul Frustration, Hello Flow!”

    Soul is the NEW goal!
    Flow is the NEW game!
    Love is the NEW way to play!

    Are you in the flow?
    Do you play for the love of the game?

    Flow and love are soul food.

    Are you full of soul food, or feeling undernourished?
    Is life a Sunday drive, or a (rat) race to the finish?
    Is yours an adventure explored, or a sentence endured?

    A happy and healthy soul feels as good doing nothing or
    going nowhere as doing something and going somewhere.

    How do you say so long soul frustration, hello flow?
    NOT by scolding, criticizing or de-meaning yourself.

    Happiness, flow and self-worth are fruits of soul satisfaction.

    On our next Podcast we’ll talk about how to say:
    “So Long Soul Frustration, Hello Flow!!”

    Friday 4/27 at 3pm Eastern, Noon Pacific:

    Dial: 626-677-3000
    Code: 12254#

    Bring your spirit alive and set your soul on fire.

    You’re a player.
    You CAN change the game.

    I’ll meet you on the soul field Friday 4/27 at 3pm Eastern.

    Mitch – CEO, Chief Encouragement Officer
    “So Long Soul Frustration, Hello Flow!”

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