What They’re Saying About Mitch Axelrod


“My good friend Mitch Axelrod is one of the foremost authorities in sales and marketing in the United States today. Mitch has trained more than 100,000 men and women on peak performance selling skills. His technique, his method and his process are responsible for boosting more people into the ranks of the top 10% than any other trainer alive today.”

Brian Tracy

Author of The New Psychology of Selling

“Mitch teaches common sense. Listen to what he says. He is the best in the world at making the business game simple and effective. The ‘Breakfast with Fran” calls we did with Mitch are our best ever. Mitch is the best person I know in the world to talk about marketing and sales.”

Fran Tarkenton

Hall of Fame Quarterback and Billion Dollar Business Owner

“Mitch conducted three of the most heavily attended and lauditorily reviewed tele-conference calls we ever sponsored, with 200 marketing consultants in one day. His seminar is two of the most illuminating and expansive days you will ever spend. If you want to be a sales Green Beret, and increase sales, call Mitch.”

Jay Abraham

Marketing Consultant

“Mitch Axelrod is one of America’s best kept secrets. His depth of content, research and writing are incredible; he is an industry expert. He will make a great difference in the lives of those he touches. Mitchell Axelrod is one of the stars in the speaking industry.”

Juanell Teague

Past Promoter for Zig Ziglar, Denis Waitley, Wayne Dyer

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“The NEW Game is a conscious business game. Mitch is a conscious leader who is changing the game of business. His soul, role, goal model will shift the way people play and win the game of life. What you shared with our members will resonate with them for years to come.”

Christine Kloser

Founder, “Conscious Business Circle”

“I got more practical and useful information from you in five minutes than I have gotten from most speakers in hours. I could listen to you all day long. You were spectacular.”

Robert Allen

Best-Selling Author – Nothing Down, Creating Wealth

“First I speak to G-d. Then I call Mitch. He is among my most trusted friends and an awesome coach. I measured my blood chemistry before and after working with Mitch. His compassion, encouragement and wisdom have literally altered my body’s chemistry. I’m healthier in mind and body. He’s more than a game changing business coach. He’s a healer.”

Bija Bennett

Author and Workshop Leader

“Mitch is the Bruce Springsteen of personal development. He spills his guts and soul in every presentation. He is unwavering in his passion to give you what you’ve come to hear. I interviewed him for two solid hours, and the audience begged for more and more. Run, don’t walk, to hear him speak.”

Alex Mandossian

President of Heritage House Publishing, Inc.

“How does he do it? Axelrod is consistent. He always brings complex processes to the most simple and easy to implement systems. The New Game of Selling caused me a big red rash on my forehead from hitting it and saying, ‘$h/t, why didn’t I think of this?’”

David Corbin

Speaker, Consultant, Author, “Psyched on Service”

“Mitch’s Success-Abilitieswork is vital information for you to have if you want to survive and thrive in the 21st century.”

Denis Waitley

Speaker and Author

“After listening to Mitch’s one hour, One Coach Clinic, a woman business owner inked a $140,000 contract she said was a direct result of what Mitch discussed!”

John Assaraf

– Best Selling Author, Founder of ONE Coach, featured in movies “The Secret” and “Pass It On!”

“In my 25 years at IBM, having Mitch work with us is one of the most valuable things we’ve ever done.”

Mike Buoscio

Former Managing Director, IBM

“They say there’s nothing new under the sun. They’re wrong. Sales is an old profession but Mitch Axelrod brings a fresh new approach that will be welcomed by sales pros and business owners everywhere.”

Brad Costanzo

Author, Podcaster

“ONE conversation with Mitch more than paid for his fee several times over actually! He saved me from a very bad publishing deal. Mitch has given me really creative ways to market. Mitch was one of the best things that happened this year.”

Julie Donnelly

Author, Stop Back Pain Fast

“I have been blessed to have a relationship with Mitch and his training for over 25 years. I have generated over 30,000,000 dollars in sales as a result of his tutelage. Get Mitch’s training and absorb it!!”

Bob Blackburn

Sales and Marketing Professional

“Totally, totally mesmerizing. You were absolutely fabulous. I could have stayed with you for another six hours. It wasn’t just informational. It was transformational. You are incredibly sharing. It was one of the best lectures of any type I have ever heard in my life. Thank you so much.”

Dr. Rob Gilbert

Professional Speaker and Professor, Montclair State University

“Mitch, all I can say is ‘Wow!’ You gave so much practical advice in 30 minutes I couldn’t write fast enough. The NEW Game is more than a message. It’s a movement. Your business strategy is right on the money. I’m very excited about what’s next for us. I look forward to working with you to change the game of business. Thanks again for giving our small emerging business owners an experience they will never forget.”

Greg Williams

Co-Founder, “Your Emerging Small Business”, Former Business Director, NJ Department of Commerce

“My friend and mentor, Mitch Axelrod, is a pioneer in the evolution of sales. I believe The New Game of Selling will soon be the ONLY game of selling. Times are changing fast. The old rules no longer apply. In my twenty years of sales experience and hundreds of hours of sales training, I have never received more relevant advice about the most important role for the success of ANY business. Mitch is not only brilliant, he is highly conscious and works from his heart.”

Mark Porteous

Founder “Max Your Life, LLC”

“For three years I evaluated and analyzed every selling program out there. The NEW Game of Selling™ is very comprehensive, yet easy-to-use, and translates into immediate results. Mitch’s technology is a major breakthrough in the field of selling, and establishes a new level of excellence for the insurance sales profession. In my mind, it is the standard against which all others will be measured. It is the best I have seen for the professional salesperson.”

Howard Hafetz, CLU, ChFC

Regional Training Director

“Mitch is a great friend and a great mentor. He’s also a great Dad. Companies pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn the inside game Mitch shared with us tonight. Every nugget was pure gold. We’ve had great guest speakers and experts. This was the best call we have ever done. Thanks, Mitch, for being so generous.”

Brian Rodgers

Founder of Toolbox University, Real Estate Mentor to 11,000 Members

“Professional, fun and thought provoking. Mitch’s Stimulus – Response Model discussion was very powerful. Lots of excellent one-liners like, ‘What one thing…?’ I enjoyed everything. A mind-expanding experience.”

Collette Larsen

Five Million Dollar Club, USANA Health Sciences

“Mitch has done it. He’s devised a selling strategy so masterful, so powerful and so completely effective that anyone who plays this game will have their life completely changed for the better. The New Game of Selling is much more than a game, it’s serious tactics for proven results. They worked for me.”

Andy O’Bryan

Author of The Incentive Toolkit

“Mitch, what you shared with me in the morning I converted into results this afternoon. With your input, I landed a five-figure commitment from my client. Working together less than one week and already I got many times my investment back. I intend to earn a lot more. Thanks.”

Robert Ian

Author, How to Identify, Conquer and Master Change!

“I had been working a major Chamber of Commerce for almost a year with little success. After one meeting with Mitch I wrote a proposal based on our conversation. Within two weeks I received approval for a 6-week business training series that was promoted to over 3,000 Chamber members for several weeks before and during the training at no expense to me!”

Lawrence J. Clark


“Spectacular! Your message is one of international change in the way we do business. I was on fire after your call. Once again, you blew us away.”

Ken Foster

CEO, Shared Vision Network

“Loaded with creative ideas I can use immediately. I can’t wait to create results. Thank you, Mitch. You are a great role model.”

Mary Marcdante

Author, “Living With Enthusiasm! The 21-Day Smile Diet”

“Mitch I want to tell you from the bottom of my heart how much I enjoyed and appreciated our conversation yesterday. Your insights were extremely valuable.

You completely shifted my thinking. It was one of the most stimulating 90 minutes I have spent in some time!”

Tom Terwilliger

#1 Bestselling Author Former Mr. America

“When I first learned Mitch’s New Game of Selling seven years ago, I immediately saw how it could be used by women entrepreneurs who typically hate sales. His language is easy to understand and isn’t ‘sales-y’. Who doesn’t want to Attract, Qualify, Convert, Keep, Multiply and Re-Activate more customers? Mitch has been playing the game for 35 years. He walks his talk. As Mitch says, ‘If ever there were a time for NEW, it’s NOW!’”

Michelle Price

Founder of A Third Mind Digital Media

“In a jungle of misinformation, hype and outright deception, Mitch maintains an enviable standard of excellence, ethics and integrity. He is not only a powerful speaker, he’s also a fountain of cash-producing, business-building information. He is a resource you should tap, and permanently connect to for the rest of your business life.”

Dr. Paul Hartunian

Best-Selling Author and Publisher

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