The 70/30 Rule of Human Influence

The 70/30 Rule of Human Influence

Are you more motivated by the possibility of having more,
or do you seek opportunity to prevent loss and preserve what
you already have?

The fear of loss or losing is twice the motivator as is
the desire to gain or win. Dr. Robert Cialdini, the social
scientist who conducted landmark studies on influence,
demonstrated that 70% of us are motivated to take action
by the fear of losing. More accurately, we act based upon
preserving what we already have.

Only 30% of us are motivated by the desire for gain.

Most marketing aims at this 30% crowd.
This explains why 70% of most marketing misses the mark.

Look at your marketing carefully. Does it speak to the
30% of pleasure seekers, or the 70% of pain avoiders?

Most marketers and business people do not know about
these 70/30 distinctions, and those who do, few practice it.
Almost all marketing is geared to the 30%.

If you want to dramatically enhance the impact of your
marketing message and value proposition, determine if
your audience is more the 30% who seek more, or the
70% who want to not lose what they already have.

If your audience is both, send a NEW Message that
appeals to both the pleasure seekers and pain avoiders.

If your audience wants more and better, show them how to gain.
If your audience seeks preservation, show them how to maintain.

Your return on marketing investment will jump.
Your bottom line will leap.

This little distinction can yield a BIG payoff for your business.

Apply the 70/30 Rule!

You’re a player.
You CAN change the game.
Elevate your play into a NEW league!

I’ll meet you on the field.

Mitch, CEO – Chief Encouragement Officer ™
“The 70/30 Rule of Human Influence!”

P/S ~ Listen to my interview with Dr. Cialdini here.

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