The Magic of Clarity

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When I ask people, “What’s the best contribution
I make to you” the answer I get most often is…


Clarity lifts the clouds of uncertainty.
Clarity opens the door of possibility.
Clarity energizes your mind, body and spirit.
Clarity synchronizes your goal, role and soul.

It’s good to have goal clarity.
It’s better to have role clarity.
It’s best to have soul clarity.

It’s healthiest to integrate all three.

Lack of clarity around goal, role and soul
creates stress and dis-ease. Stress costs
$300 billion each year.

When you improve clarity, you…

Make better choices and decisions.
Are healthier in mind, body and spirit.
Extract more value from and live a richer life.
Become more soulful, role-full, goal-full.

Clarity is magic.
It clears away the fog of illusion.

It listens to and trusts your intuition.
It builds confidence in your practical judgment.
It distinguishes clear from crooked thinking.

Clarity doesn’t come naturally.

You can work at it for years, even a lifetime,
and not gain clarity.

I have coached tens of thousands of people to
improve clarity, more than 2,000 one on one.
More than 90% gain clarity, often within one hour.

More than I can count have told me they got

clarity in one conversation than years of therapy.

How is this possible?

For many of us, the answer is to take the pedal
off the metal of GOAL, to free up time and space
to pay attention to the higher values of SOUL and ROLE.

Do you feel clearly what your soul wants?
Do you see what roles fit you and fuel you.

Clarity of soul and role enhances life and


You transform in an instant and forever from:

UNCONSCIOUS Incompetent – I don’t know that I don’t know (ignorance)- to…
CONSCIOUS Incompetent – I know that I don’t know (awareness), to…
CONSCIOUS Competent – I know that I know (enlightenment), to…
UNCONSCIOUS Competent – I AM what I know (mastery).

Clarity is the bridge that takes us from…
Ignorance to awareness to enlightenment to mastery.

It’s seeing what you look at with 20/20 vision.
It’s living a “360 degree” life.

Like a Disney theater in the ’round, you see everything
you look at clearly, front, back, left and right.

Clarity yields a “triple bottom line” payoff.
It enhances the quality of life, livelihood and living.

Here’s the beautiful thing:

This is an act of selfishness and selflessness.
I improve my clarity when I help you improve yours.

The more selflessly I help you improve your clarity,
the more selfishly I enhance mine.

Improving clarity is one of the highest and best
ways I can serve you.

The Kabbalah says he or she who “sees clearest”
shall light the way for others.

If my lamp burns brightly, it’s my responsibility
to share my light with you.

Sharing with you does not diminish me.
Lighting you does not extinguish me.

Just the opposite.
Lighting your clarity brightens mine.

Together, our light casts greater light on everything and
everyone we shine upon.

Clarity is magical.
Clarity is abundance.

The more you have, the richer you are.
The more you share, the richer the world gets.

Clarity is the currency of a good life.
Clarity is a sacred gift.

Treasure your clarity.

In “7 Habits of Highly Successful People”
Stephen Covey wrote:

“To touch the soul of another human being
is to walk on holy ground.”

Every time you shine your clarity on someone
you walk on holy ground.

It’s my gift, blessing and thrill to add clarity
to your life, livelihood and living however I can.
It fills me with soul, role and goal satisfaction.

Every day you touch the soul of another human being.
Share your clarity with people you love and serve.

It’s a great gift to give.
It’s a great gift to receive.
It’s a pious act of generosity.

You want to change the world?
Share your clarity, one person at a time.

You want to change YOUR world?
Improve your clarity of soul, role and goal.

Feeling a temporary lack of clarity?
Borrow it from someone who has it.

Who in your world has clarity you need?
Seek them out and ask for their clarity.

Use me.
Tap into my clarity.

Join the conversation…

The Magic of Clarity!

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and Earn a More Prosperous Living.

Friday October 9 at NOON Eastern.
Dial: 270-400-1500 Pin Code: 12254#

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P/P/S ~ Ready for a clarity boost?
Join us for a clarity conversation.

Friday October 9 at NOON Eastern.
Dial: 270-400-1500 Pin Code: 12254#

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