The NEW Game of Selling… It’s a Human Game (Part 2)

In our previous excerpt you read about the first four of seven key distinctions that change the game by shifting your focus from products and profits to people and problems.

Here are excerpts from the other three.

Demonstrate Your Product or Service

Demonstrate, don’t just present. Rather than the pitch of the presentation, give experience of the demonstration. This distinction makes a big difference in the context of the relationship and the conversation.

Share success stories, a real experience or a free taste. Presenting is important, but demonstrating is crucial. Instead of presenting as a theoretical exercise, how can you better demonstrate your expertise and show your solution in action?

Gain Commitment

Gain commitment; don’t close a sale. In Play 3 you’ll discover “three magic words” that convert browsers into buyers and will transform your life. One of the three magic words is commitment.

The old game of selling was all about closing the sale. Close means the end. When a person buys, it’s the beginning of his user experience, the beginning of what you want to be an ongoing relationship.

This part of the sales process creates stress, tension, distress, and anxiety. Everything changes when you gain commitment rather than close a sale. It’s commencement, a start, a new beginning.

Commitment is a buyers’ word. It makes them responsible for their choice. It recognizes and acknowledges you’re making a mutual commitment to work together to achieve the outcome the buyer wants from your product or service.

Stop closing sales. Start gaining commitment.

Transform Rotten into RIPE

You’ve had rotten business deals and relationships in life. You know how much rotten costs in lost time, energy, and money. A rotten crop yields no harvest.

For the best bounty, transform rotten into RIPE.

R = Results transport you from where you are to where you want to be.
I = Improvement transforms you from who you are to who you want to be.
P = Progress transcends you from where you were to where you are.
E = Experience transmutes you from who you were to who you are.

There’s a massive movement toward membership websites and subscription learning platforms, like our Players Club. On average, a member stays for three months. Here’s why.

Too much content! You are already information overloaded. Can you really absorb more content? It’s not about more content or information. It’s about helping people get RIPE:

Get Results
Show Improvement
Make Progress
Create an Experience

Help them feel so good about you they can’t wait for the next opportunity to engage.

It’s a human game. Be a real game changer. Shift your focus from products and profits to people and problems.

The NEW Game of Selling™ releases November 1 on Amazon Kindle!

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