The NEW Game of Selling Training Replay

If you missed our training, or want to experience it again (it is filled with golden nuggets), here’s what we covered minute by minute:

00:00 Welcome / Intro / Purpose
06:00 Success Happens Fast
10:00 Who Are You? Which position do you play?
15:00 What Do You Want?
19:00 Why NEW, Why Now?
25:00 The Old Game of Selling – 6 Steps
29:50 The NEW Game of Selling – 6 Steps
36:40 Attract Hungry Fish – Go “Doink!”
53:30 Qualify Ready or Getting Ready – The Buying Cycle
1:05: Convert Browsers to Buyers – 3 Magic Words
1:21: The Money Talk – 4 Pricing and Profit Levels
1:40: Listening – The Ultimate Game Changer
1:44: Getting Results – 5 Steps from Mystery to Mastery™
1:50: What Now, What Next? Win The NEW Game of Selling
1:57: INSIDER Special – How to Be a NEW Game Player ***
2:02: Q & A

Watch from the beginning, or pick your favorite first.
Each segment stands alone.

Dig in now to this treasure trove of golden nuggets here.

Please share the love with friends who want to up their game, lead the field and play in a whole NEW league.

You’re a player.
You can change the game.
I’ll meet you on the field again soon.

P/S ~ *** At 1:57: we share a private “Insider” page where you can get preferred access to The NEW Game of Selling training, special Players Club bonus membership, and world-class monthly coaching.

** NOTE: This offer has been updated to a monthly membership with access to the coaching archives.

P/P/S ~ Download The NEW Game of Selling Kindle book for only 2.99. Please share the love with your friends.

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