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  • Play the NEW Values Game

    Play the NEW Values Game

    Make good decisions without stressing out! Are you using your talent and ability in the highest and best way? Do you have soul, role or goal frustration? Are you enjoying your life, livelihood and living? Do you know which of the “7 Sources of Stress” are causing you pain? Are you being paid what you’re […]

  • Peace, Values and Spiritual Living

    Peace, Values and Spiritual Living

    Today I suspend my personal work to play a bigger game. It’s a day to mourn and reflect. I mourn the mothers, fathers and children killed, maimed and displaced since March 19, 2003. I reflect on the “don’t go to war” essay I published on the eve of the Iraq invasion. I got hate mail, […]

  • Values, Spiritual Living and Conscious Business

    Values, Spiritual Living and Conscious Business

    LOVE, SERVE, OBEY™… NEW Rules for the NEW Game of Business, Money and Life! This NEW Value’s Hierarchy is transforming the game. In this provocative conversation, we talked about how to align with the highest values, live spiritually and elevate the game by being a conscious business person. It’s among the most important conversations we’ve […]

  • Love, Serve and Obey™!

    Love, Serve and Obey™!

    NEW Rules for the NEW Game of Business An Excerpt from John Assaraf interviewing Mitch Axelrod JA: Let’s talk about one other area, the difference in small and big businesses. One of your new game mantras is “Love serve and love some more.” That is a very, very different approach with a mantra, especially in […]

  • For Azeem, Every Day Is Thanksgiving Day

    For Azeem, Every Day Is Thanksgiving Day

    When the taxi came this past Monday, I had no clue my 30-minute ride to the airport would impact me forever. I enjoy talking to taxi drivers, but I had no idea this guy was going to bring me to tears. Azeem is from Afghanistan. He came to America 11 years ago. I asked him […]

  • Cosmic Convergence

    Cosmic Convergence

    At the Crossroads of Critical Change! WE ARE IN A TIME OF A COSMIC CONVERGENCE. Forces are aligning. We are at the crossroads of the most transforming time of our lives. A confluence of forces is conspiring to create a cauldron of critical change. We are experiencing seismic shifts in the economic, political, ecological, technological, […]

  • 9/11, Mom and a Cosmic Convergence

    9/11, Mom and a Cosmic Convergence

    On December 27, 1995 I started a book called “The Power of Threes.” Five years later on 01/01/01 I finally wrote an Introduction and assembled the 33 chapters into a Table of Contents. Nine months later 9/11 rocked the world. It forever changed life as we know it. I never wrote the book. Today, I […]

  • The End Game… A Tribute to Mom

    The End Game… A Tribute to Mom

    Reprinted as Originally published March 21, 2004 Today, I’d like to talk about a different game. It’s a game none of us look forward to, yet each one of us will play one day: The end game. We face this finality with our Mom, Ann Axelrod. Today, my brother and I fly to Fort Lauderdale […]

  • Just Imagine IF… PEACE Broke Out!

    Just Imagine IF… PEACE Broke Out!

    Today, Pope John Paul II is laid to rest. Be at peace, Your Holiness. It’s likely Pope John Paul II will become a saint. Although I am not Catholic, he gets my vote. He was a man of peace, love and understanding. Peoples of all faiths mourn his passing. He was more than a religious […]

  • Originators and Imitators!

    Originators and Imitators!

    It’s said that imitation is the highest form of flattery. Flattery, it seems, is everywhere. There have never been so many people writing so many things they have learned from others. Spreading education is a great thing. Unfortunately, many people write without reference, credit, attribution or acknowledgment of their sources. They co-opt sayings, phrases, language […]