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  • Show Up, Be There

    Four words I learned early in life influenced me so much I carry them with me every day: “Show up. Be there.” I heard Woody Allen say, “Showing up is 80% of life.” I watched Ann and Ed Axelrod show up and be there for our family. Mom and Dad were always showing up and […]

  • NEW Rules of Interdependence

    Today marks 60 days until I turn 60. I’ve dubbed this time of my life… “Mitch 6.0: A Mighty Big 2nd Wind!” I feel the wind at my back and True North ahead. I’m more creative, innovative, inventive, insightful, wise and clear than I have ever been. The best years are ahead. So how to […]

  • Do You Want a Business “Message Makeover” This Saturday?

    Saturday November 24 is Small Business Saturday. We’re doing “Message Makeovers” for your business. Want one? Call at 11am eastern, 8am pacific: Dial: 626-677-3000 Code: 12254# A client of mine was converting 8% of leads into sales. buy viagra in uk We did a 5-minute “Message Makeover” that boosted their conversion to 15%, adding $33 […]

  • Podcast: Rainmaking… The Ultimate “Green” Business

    Podcast: Friday Feb 10th, 3pm Eastern, 12pm Pacific What is a rainmaker? Does it have something to do with the weather? What does a rainmaker do? Do only big firms and Fortune 500 companies have rainmakers? Do I need a rainmaker for my business to be “green?” How do I find someone to make rain […]

  • Podcast Today 3pm Eastern, Noon Pacific

    Podcast Today 3pm Eastern, Noon Pacific

    Want more sales? Join us for today’s Podcast: Playing Field: The NEW Game of Selling™ Playbook: Convert browsers into buyers! Play: Cost / Value Formula Friday November 18 at 3 pm eastern, Noon pacific. Dial: 270-400-1500 Access: buy viagra cheap online 12254# Use the Cost / Value Formula to be the trusted voice of choice […]

  • Breakthrough at 10,000 Feet – Showing Up Isn’t Showing Off

    Breakthrough at 10,000 Feet – Showing Up Isn’t Showing Off

    Breakthrough rocked my world at 10,000 feet atop the Canyons mountain in Park City, Utah last month. In a freaky coincidence my nephew Ken and his friend Dave were also skiing in Park City the same days my friend Steve and I were. When the four of us hit the slopes on a sun drenched […]

  • Global Teleclasses for April

    Global Teleclasses for April

    You’re invited to join me on April 21 at 8pm eastern for a training call sponsored by Global Teleclass. They have assembled a stellar lineup for April. You will be trained, motivated and inspir buy cialis online without a prescription ed by teachers and speakers in the Health, Personal Development, Sales and Marketing Industries. My […]

  • Rainstorm, Gamestorm, Brainstorm Immersion

    Rainstorm, Gamestorm, Brainstorm Immersion

    Take a 2nd and Final Bite at the Rainmaking Apple. All I ask is that you… “PLAY It Forward™” On Saturday February 28 we gathered for Sessi where can i buy cialis online on 2 of our Rainmakers cialis online no prescription Mastery™ Crash Course. Mike Olie has worked with me for 15 years and […]

  • Service is the NEW Game of Marketing

    Service is the NEW Game of Marketing

    From Chapter 7 of, The NEW Game of Business™ (2004, NEW Game Publishing): Chant a NEW mantra: “Serve – Deliver – Serve Some More” “In the new game, your service-ability determines your value. Serving is more payday cash loan than something you do. Serving is a way of being. You don’t need a course IN […]