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  • So Long Tom, I’ll See You Soon

    For my family and friends who know and love him, I’m sad to say that George Thomas Wendler, my brother, confidant, friend, mentor and best man has passed on.   It’s impossible to sum up this man’s life in a short tribute. This is what I will say when we lay him to rest later […]

  • For Azeem Every Day is Thanksgiving Day

    In 2007 a taxi driver named Azeem changed my life. He expressed what we too often take for granted. His words impact me today as they resounded then. I know where Azeem is today. It’s the same place he is every day because… For Azeem, every day is Thanksgiving Day. Let me know if his […]

  • Birthday Quotes

    Birthday Quotes

    To celebrate my 61st turn around the sun here are 61 of my favorite personal quotes. I invite you to play it forward and share the love. “Show up. Be there.” “Your upside is not outside. You’re upside is inside.” “I love and serve people and they reward me with their money.” “You can’t fill […]

  • Maximum IMPACT Philadelphia

    Flying high and diving deep after 5 days with my dear friend Ken McArthur at his IMPACT event. Always a great time meeting NEW friends and getting face time with “old” ones. Lots of powerful speakers and amazing attendees from whom I learn as much or more. As Ken says, “You make a difference whether […]

  • 36th Anniversary Nuggets of Wisdom

    Today October 31, 2014 is my 36th business anniversary. It’s my 13,150th consecutive day being psychologically unemployable. To commemorate here are 36 nuggets of wisdom I’ve learned about playing and winning, The NEW Game of Business™. Feel free to comment and add your own nugget to the wisdom game. Feel free to share the love […]

  • Spiritual Economics Is The NEW Game

    Spiritual economics is at the heart of The NEW Game of Business™. It’s about the “Rise of Enlightened Free Enterprise!” Conscious capitalism is compassionate, collaborative, and cooperative. It’s about creating the highest and best for all. In “The Kabbalah of Money” Nilton Bonder defines it this way: “Maximum gain for all parties with minimum disturbance […]

  • 35 Years Psychologically Unemployable

    Today I celebrate 35 years being psychologically unemployable. It’s been an incredible ride, and I’m just getting started. I could write a book. In fact, I have. I share the love with you today with the release on Amazon Kindle of… The NEW Game of Selling™ Words are my canvass, the blank slate upon which […]

  • Steal my brain, please…

    Steal my brain, please…

    Doctors are not paid for the 30 seconds it takes them to write a prescription. They are paid for 30,000 hours of experience and wisdom to know what to write. I charge a lot for my brain, because it’s my most valuable asset and stock in trade. You should too. Are you being paid what […]

  • Do Good, Be a Mensch

    Today is birthday 58. I remember 34 like it was yesterday. It was my happiest birthday ever. I got the best present imaginable: a son. Happy 24th Adam! I love you. Today will be filled with birthday love. I stop to look back, and look ahead. If I had one word to carve on my […]

  • 34th Anniversary Special – 34 NEW Game Plays

    34th Anniversary Special – 34 NEW Game Plays

    The NEW Game™… A Playbook for Business, Money and Life! 34th Anniversary Special – 34 NEW Game Plays (These are excerpted from 121 Plays in The NEW Game Playbook) Today I mark 34 years in business. It was Halloween 1978 I declared myself psychologically unemployable and pathologically entrepreneurial for life. For 7,500 days and 75,000 […]