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  • Drum Major Instinct – Dr. Martin Luther King

    It’s mind boggling to think 47 years have passed. I was a happy, optimistic, idealistic freshman starting high school the year Martin Luther King, Jr. was killed. His beautiful words inspired me to write. His pulse pounding tone, heart racing pace, and poetic prose inspired me to speak. Although I never met him, he helped […]

  • Spiritual Economics Is The NEW Game

    Spiritual economics is at the heart of The NEW Game of Business™. It’s about the “Rise of Enlightened Free Enterprise!” Conscious capitalism is compassionate, collaborative, and cooperative. It’s about creating the highest and best for all. In “The Kabbalah of Money” Nilton Bonder defines it this way: “Maximum gain for all parties with minimum disturbance […]

  • A Tribute to My Father, Ed Axelrod

    A Tribute to My Father, Ed Axelrod

    Today, our Dad is laid to his eternal rest. In beautiful symmetry, today would be his 88th birthday. Here are the words I read as my tribute to my father: A Tribute to My Father, Ed Axelrod Words alone cannot describe you, Dad, To measure the impact on our lives you had. I speak about […]

  • Just Imagine IF… PEACE Broke Out!

    Just Imagine IF… PEACE Broke Out!

    Today, Pope John Paul II is laid to rest. Be at peace, Your Holiness. It’s likely Pope John Paul II will become a saint. Although I am not Catholic, he gets my vote. He was a man of peace, love and understanding. Peoples of all faiths mourn his passing. He was more than a religious […]

  • The NEW Game of Spirituality

    The NEW Game of Spirituality

    **** Special Birthday Eve Teleconference**** Wednesday, December 1, 2004 at 8pm Eastern The NEW Game of Spirituality… Enrich Your Life, Enliven Your Livelihood, Enhance Your Standard of Living! Phone Number: 858-300-3030 Access Code: 12254# (remember the # sign). ***************************************** I hope you had a Happy Thanks and Giving. There is much for which to give […]

  • 3 Simple Truths of Life

    3 Simple Truths of Life

    We can be so addicted to thinking about the future that when the future is finally present, we will be absent — because we will already be thinking about what comes next. Why dream our lives away? Why suffer over what was but no longer is? How can we stop living in our fantasies of […]