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  • Drum Major Instinct – Dr. Martin Luther King

    It’s mind boggling to think 47 years have passed. I was a happy, optimistic, idealistic freshman starting high school the year Martin Luther King, Jr. was killed. His beautiful words inspired me to write. His pulse pounding tone, heart racing pace, and poetic prose inspired me to speak. Although I never met him, he helped […]

  • NEW Rules of Interdependence

    Today marks 60 days until I turn 60. I’ve dubbed this time of my life… “Mitch 6.0: A Mighty Big 2nd Wind!” I feel the wind at my back and True North ahead. I’m more creative, innovative, inventive, insightful, wise and clear than I have ever been. The best years are ahead. So how to […]

  • Are You a Goal Setter or River Person?

    A goal setter identifies the destination, and charts a course to get there. You know where you’re going. You control your rudder to stay on course. A river person jumps in the water and rides with the tide. You don’t know where you’re going. You surrender and go with the flow. Goal setters like control. […]

  • NEW Rules of Interdependence… Reprised

    To celebrate Independence Day #236 in 2012, I wrote… NEW Rules of Interdependence… 21 Lessons for Living in a Connected World! In the spirit of freedom, interdependence and playing The NEW Game, I reprise these NEW Rules of Interdependence in 2013. Please feel FREE to share your comments below… 1. “I am he as you […]

  • If Women Ran the World

    I have a simple solution that will eliminate the threat of weapons of mass destruction and end all need for war. It’s a sure-fire way to step back from the brink and save everyone from untold pain and suffering…

  • “More Income NOW”… A Game Changer

    “More Income NOW”… A Game Changer

    “You always amaze me. You are the best at what you do! Another great call. You have tremendous vision and insight into what is happening.” Bob from Nebraska “Over the last 35 years, I have taken hundreds of courses, purchased hundreds of books & buy cialis tapes and have never learned so much as I […]

  • New Thinking… Throw the Box Away!

    New Thinking… Throw the Box Away!

    NEW Game thinking is “NO Box Thinking™.” Internet Marketing Super Conference June, 2006 Watch this video and transform your thinking. Topics: Business, Marketing, Sales, Service, Skills, Thinking

  • Are You a Jockey or a Horse?

    Are You a Jockey or a Horse?

    In this video, I distinguish jockey and horse, how viagra price to identify which role fits you best, and how to maximize the value of every relationship you have. For more on “Jockey or Ho viagra no prescription rse” read my February 6, 2007 Blog Post… Please share your comments below. Topics: Business, Skills, Thinking

  • 30 Lessons Is Mesmerizing, Transformational

    30 Lessons Is Mesmerizing, Transformational

    “Totally, totally mesmerizing. Absolutely fabulous. I could have stayed with you for another six hours. It wasn’t just informational. It was transformational. You are incredibly sharing. It was one of the best lectures of any type I have ever heard in my life. Thank you so much.” — Dr. Rob Gilbert Listen to “30 Years, […]