2 years in Cali… 21 “more” lessons learned

I’m amazed at the power of synergy, synchronicity and serendipity.

Today is Father’s Day.
It also marks two years I’m living in California.

Last June 17, Adam flew here for Father’s Day.
This year, he’s living “la vida loca” on a farm in O

ahu, Hawaii.

Last year I wrote about 33 lessons I learned in my first year to read click here

This year, I share 21 “more” life changing lessons:

1. Don’t look at what’s NOT done… look at what’s GOT done. This mantra changes everything. My partner Sandy says our “Got Done List” changed her life. Instead of starting your day with a “To Do” list begin with your “Got Done” list. Looking at what’s “got” done not what’s “not” done will transform you forever.

2. What’s the “soul, role, goal” of life? Living spiritually in a material world™ (title of upcoming book). Soul is the NEW goal. If you sell your soul or relinquish your role to get a goal, you’re trading higher value for a lower value. It leads to soul, role or goal frustration. Do your soul setting and role setting before your goal setting. Say “So Long Soul Frustration… Hello Flow!” Listen to and please share our Podcast series, “How to Eliminate Soul, Role and Goal Frustration” here:


3. Here’s the most powerful and irresistible business value proposition you can deliver. I live by the mantra, “big doors swing on little hinges.” Here’s a little hinge that’s about to change the game of business forever.

Imagine if your value proposition could promise your customers a way to get your product or service FREE every year?

How would that transform your business, sales and profits? Who could compete with you? I have the solution. It’s going to change the game of how we love, serve and deliver to our customers. For now remember this equation:

“One dollar per customer per month!”

You’ll hear more about how you can do this very soon. Stay tuned. :>)

4. Everyone is addicted to something. Worry, guilt, fear, blame, doubt, power (or powerlessness), control, dependence, success, security, certainty, anger, pain, hurt, failure, conflict, resistance, anxiety, suffering, problems? Pick your poison. Own it. Accept it. Don’t resist it. Now, reframe and replace it. Get addicted to love, acceptance and abundance. If we want to leave our kids a loving, peaceful and abundant world, we have to model it to them. Let that be our legacy.

5. It’s time to change the high price of advice game. Seems the price of good advice keeps going up. Many of my friends and colleagues are charging tens of thousands of dollars for masterminds and private study groups. I choose instead to serve more people at a more affordable price. My soul, role, goal of life is to help as many people as I can in the time I have left who want to change their game.

6. ROE is more valuable than ROI. Return on Energy is the most important metric of life. You never get back an investment in energy. You want maximum value from this non renewable resource. Money can return many times, again and again. With money you want 2x ROI: quick Return “OF” investment, and forever Return “ON” Investment. Try this investment strategy. Let me know how it pays off.

7. Time to let go of my C.R.A.P. I spent the past 3 days with my friend John Assaraf and his amazing team of brainiacs at his Money2 retreat. Six months ago I had lunch with John and met his partner and 2011 Oprah Top 10 book author Mark Waldman. This weekend Mark showed us how to get rid of our C.R.A.P. – conflict, resistance, anxiety and problems. Ask yourself, “Why am I holding on to this crap?” What’s my payoff? What’s it costing me?” It’s time to let go of your C.R.A.P. Yes, just like that, let it go. Let’s do it together.

8. I’m allowing myself to have it as good as I deserve it. Lack of self-worth is an illusion, C.R.A.P. my mind creates to keep me in bondage and under it’s control. My “lizard” brain wants me fearful and on alert 24/7. It constantly sends me the message I’m not worthy and deserving. It wants me to be careful and play it safe. Tell Mr. Lizard to shut up. Allow yourself to have it as good as you deserve it.

9. Share your gifts with everyone who is ready to receive them. My #1 lesson from 2011 was my partner Sandy’s sage insight, “You have spotlight confused with sunlight.” I don’t seek the spotlight. I do like the sunlight. It’s time to step out of the cave and into the light. There’s plenty to share and even more to go around. I invite you to join me in the sunlight.

10. I still be clutter free. Other than books I buy and materials I get from seminars and workshops, I have not added clutter back into my life. No clutter gives me more space for creativite energy. Give it a try. Tell me how it works.

11. I’m curious, enjoy learning and continue personal discovery. I love to learn. I get to attend life changing seminars and workshops. I meet wonderful people and make incredible friends. I’m curious, enjoy learning and continually deepen my personal discovery. Life is a learning game. Jump in with both feet.

12. Information, knowledge, wisdom are not created equal. Information is abundant. Knowledge is scarce. Wisdom is priceless. Don’t pay for information. Buy knowledge. Better yet, invest in wisdom. It’s the highest yielding asset.

13. Synergy, synchronicity and serendipity can be more powerful than effort. Stuff out of my control is more life changing than stuff I “control.” More and more I’m allowing things to happen rather than making them happen. I’m

valuing surrender more than effort. Synergy, synchronicity and serendipity are effortless. Jump into this river and let the tide take you.

14. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication (DaVinci). The world is becoming as complex as a 16-side Rubic’s Cube. We have less and less bandwidth to handle every day problems let alone discover the riddles of life. Alone we have limited capacity. Together, we can resolve anything. The power of team has never been more important. Who’s on yours?

15. Here are 3 simple rules for peaceful living. 1- Love everything and everyone especially you (fear nothing). 2 – Accept everything and everyone especial you (resist nothing). 3 – When fear and resistance take hold, go back to rule #1 and rule #2. Ask… “What if I love everyone? What if I accept everything?

16. People matter most. Everything else is fleeing and transitory. Achievement is exciting. Applause feels good. Money is important. Recognition is nice. Success is sweet. These things come and go. Love lasts. People matter. Life is a human game. Don’t put anything above anyone. In the end, those who love you will remember who you are and what you did, not how much you had.

17. Systemic abuse is public enemy #1. We are fast losing the game of personal freedom of mind, body and soul. We need a come from behind victory to assure that autonomy and liberty win out over authority and oppression. We cannot permit the fearful few to control the loving many. Our most important legacy to our children is to put humanity above vanity and insanity. Nothing matters more than loving and serving people. We must elevate obeying our conscience above obeying authority. When given the choice to obey the rules (even your own) or to love and serve, LOVE and SERVE!

18. If there were ever a time for NEW, it’s NOW! “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” We can always count on Uncle Albert Einstein for sound fatherly advice. We can preserve Old World values and embrace NEW Game thinking. You can play the old game or you can lead the rise of enlightened free enterprise. You can’t do both. Choose wisely.

19. “May we be kind to others.” Simple yet profound wisdom from the Dalai Lama. Be kind to yourself. Be kind to your loved ones. Be kind to your mom. Be kind to your dad. Wherever dad is today, bless him. He gave you the greatest gift of all: Life! Alan Cohen writes, “Keep memories of insult on a short leash, and memories of blessing on a long one.” Today is a day for blessings. Dad, I love you and I miss you.

20. My greatest success is and always will be as Adam’s dad. My ultimate success is being the best father I can be. Raising Adam as a stay at home dad was the natural path for me. It was the greatest gift I gave myself. Everything else I accomplish is icing on that cake. I get goose bumps all over whenever I think about how close we are. Although Adam and I are separated by an ocean today, we are bonded in eternity as father and son. I love you Ad. I’m a happy pappy! :>)

21. Life keeps going then one day it stops (#33 from year 1; it bears repeating). Enjoy today. My nephew Robert passed away in December 2010 too young at 46 with

too much life left to go. He left behind a beautiful wife, 3 gorgeous kids under 8 years old and my broken-hearted brother and sister-in-law who live with the unbearable pain of losing a child. Once again I was jolted into remembering to be kind, relish every day, and be present in every moment. My game is to fill my day with love, serve and deliver. If I love, serve and deliver, I will have a great life. More than likely, the money will come. If it doesn’t, I still have a great life.

Whether he’s with you in body or in spirit, love and bless your dad today.

If he’s like me, he’ll be a happy pappy.

Life is beautiful.
Enjoy every breath.
Savor every moment.

Make today a WONDERFUL day!


P/S ~ I’d love to know how you feel. Please share your comments.

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