Private Coaching

Mitch is available on a limited basis for private coaching.

Possible topics are:

  • game planning,
  • message makeover,
  • presentation scripting,
  • strengthen the money conversation,
  • deal making advice,
  • proposal writing,
  • leveraging network and contacts

How it works: We meet via telephone once a week for 30 minutes or so. Our calls will be recorded and you will get copies of the recordings in MP3 format for review. This is not time bounded, it’s outcome and progress driven. You can call or email in between if you need to.

Coaching Rates: $7,500 for a three month coaching arrangement. This is a non-refundable investment for services rendered. If you are not totally delighted I will continue to work with you until you are.

Please contact Mitch using the link on the menu bar if you or someone you know could benefit from private coaching.

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