Do Good, Be a Mensch

Today is birthday 58.

I remember 34 like it was yesterday.
It was my happiest birthday ever.

I got the best present imaginable: a son.
Happy 24th Adam! I love you.

Today will be filled with birthday love.
I stop to look back, and look ahead.

If I had one word to carve on my tombstone I would choose…


A mensch is a good man.

Some seek to be rich and famous.
I just want to be a mensch.

I may never be rich or famous.
I can always be a mensch.

Being a good man is the most important teaching I passed along to Adam.

Every day I have many chances to be a mensch.
I take advantage of every one I can.

It’s a blessing to be good to people.
It’s a mitzvah to do good for people.

Good is love and serve in action.
It fills the soul to love and serve.

Fear distracts.
It wants me on guard.

Ego corrupts.
It demands my attention.

Fear and ego don’t want to be bruised, hurt, threatened,
fooled, taken, snookered, robbed, deceived or embarrassed.

Why be good when good guys finish last?

I don’t buy it. Never did.

It doesn’t cost any more to be good or to do good.

Good is intrinsic.

It has no hard worth, yet it’s value is beyond measure.

Good is the foundation of relationship capital.
Good is the source of physical health and emotional well being.
Good is the essence of spiritual fulfillment.

In the marketplace, good can be measured.
It’s an intangible that has real tangible value.

You’ll find “good will” as an asset on a business balance sheet.

Good is the way through heartbreak and setback.
Good is the path to abundance.

Good is love, expressed.

It’s used to be so cool to be bad.
Good girls love bad boys.

It’s good to see good is cool again.

I celebrate the good in you and the good in me.
Let’s meet there, always.

There is a loving solution to every problem.
Let’s find it, always.

Every day gives us 24 hours to be good and to do good.

You be good to you.
I’ll be good to me.

Let’s be good to each other.
I can’t think of a better way to spend my birthday.

Do good, be a mensch.
I can’t imagine a better way to live my life.

Mitch, CEO – Chief Encouragement Officer
Do Good, Be a Mensch

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