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  • Show Up, Be There

    Four words I learned early in life influenced me so much I carry them with me every day: “Show up. Be there.” I heard Woody Allen say, “Showing up is 80% of life.” I watched Ann and Ed Axelrod show up and be there for our family. Mom and Dad were always showing up and […]

  • NEW Rules of Interdependence

    Today marks 60 days until I turn 60. I’ve dubbed this time of my life… “Mitch 6.0: A Mighty Big 2nd Wind!” I feel the wind at my back and True North ahead. I’m more creative, innovative, inventive, insightful, wise and clear than I have ever been. The best years are ahead. So how to […]

  • Soul is the NEW Goal

    “Do your soul setting and role setting, then do your goal setting!” ~ Yours truly Happy New Year! Do you find that New Year’s resolutions often cause more stress than success, and create more frustration than liberation? We know how fast even the most committed “resolutionist” falls off the wagon. I’ve read that stress costs […]

  • Are You a Goal Setter or River Person?

    A goal setter identifies the destination, and charts a course to get there. You know where you’re going. You control your rudder to stay on course. A river person jumps in the water and rides with the tide. You don’t know where you’re going. You surrender and go with the flow. Goal setters like control. […]

  • Birthday Love

    On December 2, 1988 I got my best birthday gift ever. My son Adam was born. He’s 25 today and touring the Road to Hana in Maui. Happy Birthday, Adam. I love you! This year is special. I begin my 60th revolution. In many ways, I am starting over. We’re entering the Chinese Year of […]

  • NEW Rules of Interdependence… Reprised

    To celebrate Independence Day #236 in 2012, I wrote… NEW Rules of Interdependence… 21 Lessons for Living in a Connected World! In the spirit of freedom, interdependence and playing The NEW Game, I reprise these NEW Rules of Interdependence in 2013. Please feel FREE to share your comments below… 1. “I am he as you […]

  • Digital Publishing Online Intensive

    Digital Publishing Online Intensive

    The first ever Digital Publishing Online Intensive kicks off March 6 with Guy Kawasaki and continues through March 26. I speak on March 21 at 6pm EDT / 3pm PDT on… The NEW Game of IP™ (Intellectual Property)… How to Capitalize, Monetize and Actualize Your Intellectual Assets! You get a world class Digital Trends Panel […]

  • Don’t Sell Yourself Short… Watch This

    Don’t Sell Yourself Short… Watch This

    When I ask a group, “Who likes to sell?” a few hands go up. When I ask, “Who likes to be sold?” fewer hands go up. When I ask, “Are you selling yourself short?” almost every hand goes up. Do you see a pattern? If you don’t like to sell and you don’t like to […]

  • 34th Anniversary Special – 34 NEW Game Plays

    34th Anniversary Special – 34 NEW Game Plays

    The NEW Game™… A Playbook for Business, Money and Life! 34th Anniversary Special – 34 NEW Game Plays (These are excerpted from 121 Plays in The NEW Game Playbook) Today I mark 34 years in business. It was Halloween 1978 I declared myself psychologically unemployable and pathologically entrepreneurial for life. For 7,500 days and 75,000 […]