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  • Drum Major Instinct – Dr. Martin Luther King

    It’s mind boggling to think 47 years have passed. I was a happy, optimistic, idealistic freshman starting high school the year Martin Luther King, Jr. was killed. His beautiful words inspired me to write. His pulse pounding tone, heart racing pace, and poetic prose inspired me to speak. Although I never met him, he helped […]

  • New Year, New Dawn, Begin Anew

    I always think of Autumn as the start of a new year for its religious and spiritual connection, and also from Mother Nature’s perspective. School is back, the leaves change and we harvest our crops. It’s a time to begin again. It is at this time of year that we harvest our bounty according to […]

  • Soul is the NEW Goal

    “Do your soul setting and role setting, then do your goal setting!” ~ Yours truly Happy New Year! Do you find that New Year’s resolutions often cause more stress than success, and create more frustration than liberation? We know how fast even the most committed “resolutionist” falls off the wagon. I’ve read that stress costs […]

  • Marc 10 Years Gone, Never Forgotten

    Marc 10 Years Gone, Never Forgotten

    In the blink of an eye, it’s 10 years today our lifelong friend Marc Rosberger, affectionately known as the “Moped” left us far too early and way too abruptly. Marc always encouraged me to “finish” to take my shot instead of passing the basketball. Marc, you’d be proud of me. I finished my book and […]

  • For Azeem, Every Day is Thanksgiving Day

    In 2007 a cab driver named Azeem changed my life. He expressed what we too often take for granted. His words resound today as they did 5 years ago, as they will 5 years from now. I know where Azeem is today. It’s the same place he is every day because… For Azeem, every day […]

  • So Long Soul Frustration, Hello Flow!

    So Long Soul Frustration, Hello Flow!

    Podcast Friday 4/27 3pm Eastern… “So Long Soul Frustration, Hello Flow!” Dial: 626-677-3000 Code: 12254# Here are the links to Parts 1 and 2 of this series, “Eliminate Soul, Role and Goal Frustration:” Goodbye Goal Frustration Relieve Role Frustration Last Friday and Saturday John Assaraf asked me to speak to and help coach his private […]

  • Podcast Replay: Goodbye Goal Frustration

    Podcast Replay: Goodbye Goal Frustration

    Podcast Series: “How to Eliminate Soul, Role and Goal Frustration!” Part 1 – Goodbye Goal Frustration   Do you ever get the feeling you are NOT where you ought to be? This is goal frustration and it’s a deadly silent killer. Goal frustration comes from thinking you should be, ought to be or are supposed […]

  • The END Game… I Miss You Mom

    The END Game… I Miss You Mom

    Today is 8 years that our mom, our beloved “Annie A” left us. On the day she passed I wrote a goodbye called The END Game! I reprint it below. As I wrote then, there’s no better legacy, no higher testimony to a life well lived than to be surrounded at the end game by […]

  • Do We (Still) Hold These Truths to Be Self Evident

    Do We (Still) Hold These Truths to Be Self Evident

    Originally published 7/4/08 The American Film Institute voted it the 29th greatest American movie quote of all-time. Spit-polished, ramrod straight, eyes ablaze, crimson neck bulging fury, Marine Colonel Nathan Jessep (Jack Nicholson) barks defiantly through his tightly clenched pearly whites: “You can’t handle the truth!” My dad taught me to value truth as sacred. My […]