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  • Change the World – Join Our Team

    Change the World – Join Our Team

    “13 C’s to Change the World” conference call audio… “Craft Your Story Arc” of your life document… How to Why to Join our Value Profiler Coaching Team… Application to join our Profiler Team… Other ways to partner with us – reprint and training rights… Here is my list of “13 C’s of Change in the […]

  • Wanna Change the World?

    Wanna Change the World?

    Do you hunger to bring true transformation to people and businesses you serve? Do you ache to change the world? Do you long to make a lasting difference? If this describes you or someone you know please join us and invite them for a conversation that will forever alter your power to transform lives, change […]

  • Partner with Mitch

    Partner with Mitch

    Here’s the mp3 recording of the conference call on… HOW WE CAN WORK TOGETHER AUDIO (Click and Hold to Download) Working together programs here… Even if you’re not interested in working together, we discussed important trends shaping business, three constants in a rapidly changing world, and why acquiring rights to proven products and services is […]

  • Is Tom Peters Right?

    Is Tom Peters Right?

    “Wildly over-communicate, especially in tough times.” ~ Tom Peters 12.4.09 Is Tom Peters right? Here’s my take: You don’t have time or patience to wade through a mountain of dung to find the pony at the bottom. You just want the pony. Topics: Business, Marketing, Sales, Service, Thinking

  • Best Business Boosters

    Best Business Boosters

    SEE ALL BEST BUSINESS BOOSTERS WE’RE SERVING UP AT THE SIX-COURSE BANQUET UP TO 80% OFF HERE… Happy New Year, again. Continue to fill it with plenty o’ plenty of what matters most. I continue to practice my New Years mantra: Zen in 2010… Back in the Flow Agai I want to… ‡ Come out […]

  • Spiritual Economics at its Highest and Best

    Spiritual Economics at its Highest and Best

    How to Enrich Your Life and the Lives of 9 Other People! Spiritual economics is at the heart of The NEW Game of Business. Conscious capitalism is about creating the highest and best for all. In “The Kabbalah of Money” Nilton Bonder defines it this way: “Maximum gain for all parties with minimum disturbance to […]

  • Service Mastery: Turn Service into Profit

    Service Mastery: Turn Service into Profit

    During the “How can I serve you best right now” conference call, we gave away four business building resources that have boosted revenues for thousands of businesses and hundreds of thousands of self-employed people. The Service Mastery Blueprint is a no fluff proven model that transforms customer care and turns service into a profit center. […]

  • How can I serve you best, right now?

    How can I serve you best, right now?

    Can ONE QUESTION transform a business or a life? This question alters everyone who asks it… “How can I help and serve you best, right now? One way to bust out of a recession is to help and serve people in the highest and best way you can. We long to be helped buy viagra […]

  • 31 Years of Thanks and Appreciation

    31 Years of Thanks and Appreciation

    Today I celebrate 31 years in business. I started this trek on Halloween, 1978. The past 11,323 days canadian pharmacy have been an amazing experience. Through all the ups and downs, happiness and sadness, joy and pain, celebration and heartbreak, success and setback, the 65,000 hours I have invested in serving others have been a […]