34th Anniversary Special – 34 NEW Game Plays

The NEW Game™… A Playbook for Business, Money and Life!

34th Anniversary Special – 34 NEW Game Plays
(These are excerpted from 121 Plays in The NEW Game Playbook)

Today I mark 34 years in business.

It was Halloween 1978 I declared myself psychologically unemployable and pathologically entrepreneurial for life.

For 7,500 days and 75,000 hours, I’ve punched the self employment time clock. I don’t know anything else.

Each year brings a wealth of wisdom.
I discovered 4 steps to mastering anything:

1 – Learn it.
2 – Do it.
3 – Teach it.
4 – Master it.

To celebrate 34 years, I picked 34 “plays” from The NEW Game™ Playbook I have learned, done, taught and continue to master.

All have elevated my game.
Many have changed my life.
Each has the power to transform yours.

As there are 121 NEW Game Plays in The NEW Game Playbook,
picking my top 34 is like asking which of my children I love more.

Enjoy and share with friends these 34 nuggets of wisdom.

Here are 34 that have changed my life:

1. 1 + 1 = ∞ (Infinity)… Life is a Game of Infinite Possibility
2. 2nd Opinion Marketing™… Give Away the What, Charge for the HOW
3. 3 Magic Words That Advance Relationships… Get Alignment, Agreement, Commitment
4. Assemble Your Team… Surround Yourself with the Best Players You Can Find
5. Be Coachable… Master the Art of Learning from Others
6. Big Doors Swing on Little Hinges… Small Distinctions Create Huge Possibilities
7. Caveat Vendidor™… Let the Seller Beware
8. Claim Your Authority… You are THE Expert of Your Life Experience
9. Climb the Pyramid of Performance… Align Your Mindset, Motivation and Method
10. Consume Less, Produce More… 10% Here + 10% There = 20% Everywhere
11. Don’t Look at What’s NOT Done… Look at What’s GOT Done
12. Don’t Fall in Love with Products and Services… Fall in Love with Serving People
13. Embrace NO Box Thinking… Throw the Box Away and Clean the Slate Every Day
14. Emotional Capital is Gold… People are More Precious Than Money
15. Financial Freedom… It’s a State of Mind, Not a Statement of Account
16. Find the Hungry Fish… Attract People Who Are Ready to Buy
17. Good Deals are Good Business… Spiritual Economics is The NEW Game of Money™
18. Happiness is NOT a Place You Go To… It’s a Place You Come From
19. Highest and Best is the Highest and Best… Don’t Compromise, Maximize
20. Imperfect Action Beats Perfect Inaction… Don’t Get It Right, Just Get It Going
21. It’s Not JUST Business… It’s Personal™
22. Leverage OP (Other People’s) Everything… Whatever You Want, Someone Else Has It
23. Locate True North… Steer Your Ship from the Inside, Out
24. Love, Serve and Deliver… NEW Mantra for the NEW Game of Business™
25. Net Worth is NOT Self Worth… You Are So Much More Than What You Own
26. No Such Thing as Failure… You Succeed or You Learn
27. Paradox of Perfection… When Good Enough is Better Than Perfect
28. Play for the Love of the Game… You’ll Never Work a Day in Your Life
29. Profit Is Everybody’s Business… Contribute More to Be Worth More
30. Question Your Thinking… Will You Give Up Your Beliefs for the Sake of Your Life?
31. Some of the Best Deals I Ever Did… Were the Best Deals I NEVER Did!
32. Strengthen Your Strengths… Do What You Do Well, Better
33. Your Upside Is Not Outside… Your Upside is Inside
34. Winning Isn’t Everything… Winning is ONLY a Thing

Please let me know which of these resonate most with you.

Comment below.

You’re a player.
You CAN change the game.

Thanks for joining me on the 34th anniversary field today.


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