Birthday Quotes

To celebrate my 61st turn around the sun here are 61 of my favorite personal quotes. I invite you to play it forward and share the love.

“Show up. Be there.”

“Your upside is not outside. You’re upside is inside.”

“I love and serve people and they reward me with their money.”

“You can’t fill a hole in your soul with more goal.”

“Do your soul setting and role setting, then do your goal setting.”

“When given the choice between obeying your rules, policies and procedures or loving and serving the customer (yourself), love and serve the customer (yourself).”

“I cannot take my goals with me but I will leave a piece of my soul with everyone I meet.”

“There is no such thing as failure. I succeed or I learn.”

“If you want to change their response, change your stimulus!”

“The most valuable real estate in the world is the six inches between your ears. How will you build, develop and increase the value of your real estate?”

“You’ll never be content with what you have if you’re not happy with who you are.”

“Beware the curse of knowledge. If you need to know everything before you do something, you’ll never do anything.”

“Abundance creates abundance. Make the pie bigger for everyone.”

“Ask for help like your life depends upon it. It does.”

“Big doors swing on little hinges. Small distinctions create huge possibilities.”

“Don’t fall in love with products and services. Fall in love with serving people.”

“Don’t look at what’s not done. Look at what’s got done.”

“Everyone counts. There are no little people.”

“Beware the ‘evil of two lessers.’ Don’t box yourself into an either/or choice.”

“Don’t shrink a person to fit the job. Expand the job to fit the person.”

“Express yourself. You have nothing to prove.”

“Financial independence is a statement of account. Financial freedom is a state of being.”

“Get in the game. Life is not a spectator sport.”

“Guarantee is a fantasy. Accept risk, it’s part of the game.”

“Happiness is not a place you go to. Happiness is a place you come from.”

“Don’t compromise. Maximize. Seek highest and best for all.”

“Be a source of positive energy. Honor and fuel the life force of others.”

“Hope is a good thing to have. ‘I hope’ is not a good thing to say.”

“It’s not just business. It’s personal.”

“Lead from the front. Travel your path and light the way for others.”

“The Soul-Role-Goal™ of life is to live spiritually in a material world.”

“Trust your inner guru. Make choices from the inside out.”

“Be like Michelangelo. Chip away the marble and find your ‘David’ inside.”

“Money doesn’t change you. It reveals you.”

“Net worth is not self worth. You are so much more than what you own.”

“Beware the future reward trap. Don’t trade the present for the hope of future payoff. Get paid NOW!”

“Play for the love of the game. You’ll never work a day in your life.“

“Will you give up what you believe for the sake of your life?”

“Relationship capital is true wealth. Love is more valuable than money.”

“Some of the best deals I ever did were the best deals I NEVER did!”

“Strengthen your strengths. Do what you do well, better.”

“Self esteem is empathy turned inward.”

“I only work with people I can hug.”

“Everything doesn’t happen for a reason. We find a reason for everything that happens.”

“Nothing is as good as it feels or as bad as it seems.”

“Imperfect action beats perfect inaction.”

“Take what you need when you need it. Give what you can when you got it.”

“ROE is more valuable than ROI. Return on Energy is the most important metric of life.”

“Will you allow yourself to have it as good as you deserve it?”

“Information is abundant. Knowledge is scarce. Wisdom is priceless.”

“If there were ever a time for NEW, it’s NOW!”

“Is your ‘Money Talk’ talking commodity, time, value or experience?”

“NEW Math = addition by subtraction. I add by subtracting what I don’t want.”

“Strength of relationship beats size of audience.”

“My game is ROI x 2… fast return OF investment, and a forever return ON investment.”

“Eventually never comes. Change ‘eventually’ to ‘now’ and watch your life transform.”

“It’s harder to take someone from STOP to GO than from Go to Go Faster.”

“When I ask who or what is the greatest threat to my business, money or life, I look in the mirror and realize it’s the person staring back at me.”

“Stop trying to convert the heathens. Find true believers.”

“It’s time to value humanity above vanity and insanity.”

“You will get there. You’re just not yet there!”

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