Spiritual Economics Is The NEW Game

Spiritual economics is at the heart of The NEW Game of Business™. It’s about the “Rise of Enlightened Free Enterprise!”

Conscious capitalism is compassionate, collaborative, and cooperative. It’s about creating the highest and best for all.

In “The Kabbalah of Money” Nilton Bonder defines it this way:

“Maximum gain for all parties with minimum disturbance to the universe.”

Don’t compromise.

Highest and best is the “triple bottom line,” the triple win to seek in every transaction:

Others win.
You win.
I win.

If you want to be a spiritual economics game changer, triangulate these three coordinates as your true north…

HIGHEST and BEST outcome!
MAXIMUM GAIN for all parties!
MINIMUM DISTURBANCE to the universe!

Questions I’m asking myself:

“How can I love and serve best and do the most good?
“How do I enrich as many people as possible?”
“How will I create maximum gain and minimum disturbance?”
“What’s the highest and best outcome for everyone?”

I keep these questions front and center in every interaction and conversation.

Play the game of spiritual economics today, and every day.

Watch your life change right before your very eyes.

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