Want a 2nd Opinion? Get One Now…

Four words transformed my business…

“I’m the Sales Dr.”

These four words made me a fortune…

“Want a 2nd Opinion?”

With a new year underway you are getting right to work on what you have identified as your biggest breakthrough or money making opportunity for 2013.

You DO know exactly what that is, right?
Are you sure?


you be overlooking or missing something?
Do you have the best game plan for success?

If the stakes are high and the time is now, wouldn’t it be great to have a 2nd opinion from someone outside who can see past the fog with clarity and has no attachments or agenda?

Here are a few examples of 2nd Opinion results:

Jenn wanted a game plan to market an exclusive tourism package with a Caribbean country. Within 30 minutes we had the strategy, steps and language to protect her interests and position her as the only game in town.

Joe had to sell or lose 1,000 units of inventory sitting in a warehouse for a year. In 10 minutes we put together a pitch to a buyer who was waiting him out and who kept dropping the price. After a year, they agreed to wire the money later that day.

Pete needed a sales and marketing plan along with pricing to launch his new “college to career” training course to universities and honor societies. When one requested a proposal, I suggested he ask three specific questions. He discovered they were not a good candidate, which saved him hours of wasted time doing a proposal. He also picked up invaluable intelligence that will better position his training.

In the P/P/S read what Pete says about what the 2nd Opinion did for him.

Would it help to see your problem and opportunity in a new light and with greater clarity?

Could you develop a better game plan and more effective plays?

How much more would you earn if you bumped you income or profits just 10% higher?

What does a mistake, detour or wrong turn cost?

More than 3,500 times, businesses and individuals hired me to help them identify and tackle their biggest business challenges and capitalize on their best opportunities.

You might not be ready for an ongoing coaching relationship, but you may have just one nagging problem or big opportunity you want more confidence to approach.

That’s why I came up with the 2nd Opinion.

It’s like having a

doctor you trust give you a 2nd opinion on an important health decision. We get to the root of your issue very quickly and develop a game plan of action.


We record the conversation so you can review and refer back to forever.

Your 2nd Opinion is the most cost effective way to get a result for a fraction of the investment to hire a full time coach. Even if you currently work with a coach or consultant, 2nd Opinion gives you that extra perspective without the high cost or risk.

January is a perfect time to get your marketing, sales, hiring, training, or other business success plans in place. That’s why I’m inviting you to secure one of only 10 “2nd Opinions” with me for only $495. (I limit to 10 so I save time for my ongoing coaching clients).


To ensure you get maximum value, you also get a full year membership in our exclusive Players Club ($468 annual fee waived). You get access 24/7 to all our marketing, sales and service best practices, 30+ hours of
audio and video training and past coaching calls, plus all new live monthly group coaching calls. This ensures you can’t lose.

If this sounds like the ticket for you, and you would like to start the year with total confidence you have a game plan to solve your BIGGEST problem and/or achieve your BEST opportunity…

Book your 2nd Opinion now only 10 available.

Schedule when you’re ready through March 31, 2013.

You’re a player.
You CAN change your game.
I’ll meet you on the 2nd Opinion field.

Mitch, CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer
Want a 2nd Opinion?

P/S ~ Remember we talk until YOU are satisfied we found the answer.

Secure your “2nd Opinion” now there’s only 10 available:

P/P/S ~ Feel free to check out endorsements on my LinkedIn page

More testimonials are n our WHAT PEOPLE SAY page.

Pete says,

“I hired Mitch to help me launch a new product. His help will lead to much higher income and influence than if I tried to figure out my sales and marketing strategy on my own. Mitch genuinely cares about the success of his clients and works with you until you are thrilled with the results. Every time I speak to Mitch, I leave much smarter than I was before.”

Solve your biggest problem and achieve your best opportunity.

Lock in your 2nd Opinion now and use anytime now through March 31.

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