Don’t Miss THIS Residual Income Train

Get Off the Platform… Hop on Board!

There are many things you and I have in common with the rest of humanity.

One shared experience is that somewhere along the line, we have all missed a train. Literally, and figuratively. I have missed quite a few.

This past weekend, it hit me over the head like a two by four. I attended a business briefing with the co-founders a company I am using as a primary source of residual income. My partner, the guy who inspires me is an ex-butcher. He’s no ordinary ex-butcher.

Two years ago, at the age of 74 he walked away from a six-figure income.

Today, at age 76 Jimmy Smith earns a seven-figure income. He earned more money last year than in all 40 years as a butcher! How?

Let me mix my metaphors.

He boarded a different train.
He found another horse to ride.
He played a NEW Game!

The same work, the same effort riding a different train on a different track in a different direction, Jimmy the ex-butcher winds up at a totally different destination.

What he once earned in a full year working as a butcher, today he earns in one week.

Jimmy has a skill you can’t learn in school, and often, don’t learn in life: he knows when it’s time to change trains.

The old saying, “don’t change horses in mid-stream” made some sense in the old game. In the New Game, a successful jockey knows when it’s time to get off a nag and hop on a thoroughbred; even if it’s in mid-stream.

I’ve stood on the platform and watched other people board the train. I’ve even helped many people I know get on the train and go for the ride of their life.

I promised myself I would NOT miss the next train.

I would not let pride, ego, cynicism, jealousy, denial, judgment, past experience, preconceived notions, old assumptions, outdated beliefs, hurt, pain and fear get in the way this time. I am not going to wait on the platform while the others hop on the train and take the joy ride of a lifetime.

I am not going to remain in the stands. I’m stepping on the field. I’m digging into the batter’s box and taking my swings. I won’t stop swinging until I hit the ball, circle the bases and score a run. Then I’ll step back into the batter’s box and hit the ball again.

The greatest hitter in baseball history got a hit only 35% of the time. The other 65% of the time he stepped up to the plate, he made an out. That didn’t stop him from taking tens of thousands of swings. I may not succeed every time I step up to the plate, but I’m going to take my swings.

At the End Game, I won’t regret the hits I didn’t get. I will regret the swings I didn’t take.

Many people who don’t get a hit their first time at the plate don’t get back in the batter’s box. Some expect to have a higher batting average than the best player in the game has. They expect to succeed every time. Sadly, too many people let a few bad swings convince them they don’t have what it takes to play the game. So they leave the field, go back into the stands and watch the game as a spectator. They no longer see themselves as a player.

The Game of Life is NOT a spectator sport.
It’s about living, not waiting to live.
It’s about playing, not watching.



Earning a living is important.
Enjoying your livelihood is inspiring.
Enjoying life is imperative.

Your living (money) will come and go.
Your livelihood (work) will evolve and change.
Your life (self) is intrinsic and irreplaceable.

You will always earn money.
You can always choose a different livelihood.
You only have one life.

Choose it wisely. Use it well.

I am inspired by the work of Dr. Robert Hartman, pioneer in Axiology (the science of human value), and Nobel Prize nominee. He said:

“Our lore is full of stories of men laying down their lives for the sake of what they think or what they have or what they want; but how many have laid down what they think or have or want the for the sake of their lives?”

Are you willing to lay down what you think or have or want for the sake of your life?

Are you ready to break old assumptions and embrace “no box” thinking?

Are you ready to ride a new horse, board a new train, play a new game?

Make the choice. Step up and swing the bat. Your life, livelihood and living will never be the same.

Mitch Axelrod

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