Lifetime Coaching My Gift Today

“With your mentoring and The NEW Game of Selling,
I was able to engage in meaningful conversations with
prospective customers and got a $30,000 assignment
in the first month. You said, ‘Come home with a check’
and I did! Without your help I would not have had the
courage, the structure or the words. Thank you Mitch.”

~ Shirley Dalton, Australia’s Business Systemizer™

Your conversation is the foundation of your compensation.

What you say to yourself, and what you say to others, is
the Yin and Yang of the compensation game.

Change your conversation, change your compensation!

It’s true in business, money and life.

You sell yourself in every conversation. People are either
buying what you’re saying, or they’re not.

When you change your conversation, you change the
context of the communication. You transform relationships.

You play better, and make the players around you better.
You serve your people at a higher and deeper level.
You become more attractive, magnetic, and sought after.

You become a difference maker.
You become the standard everyone else must meet.

Like Shirley, you are seen, heard and known as the most
trusted voice of choice in your sphere of influence.

You are compensated accordingly.

Conversation changes compensation.

Are you getting the most out of every conversation?
Are you getting the highest and best compensation?

Your upside is not outside.
Your upside is inside.

We can help you play UP. We can help you change
your conversation, and change your compensation.

We’re celebrating The NEW Game of Selling being a
#1 best seller on Amazon.

We want to share the love in the highest and best way.

So we’re giving away a life of wisdom and lifetime
monthly coaching! Access to a $3 billion library of
marketing, sales, and business resources is a click away.

I explain it all here

We want to play with committed players ready to change
the game. If that’s you, then we want to team up with you.

If you are ready to up your game, join us today.

You’re a player.
You can change the game.

I’ll meet you on the field for our next coaching this month.

Mitch, CEO – Chief Encouragement Officer
Author, #1 Best Seller “The NEW Game of Selling”

P/S ~ This is a limited time invitation. You are just a click
away from a treasure trove of resources and lifetime coaching.


Be one of first 10 Players in the game receive a private
“2nd Opinion” with me on any question, challenge or
opportunity ($1,000 fee waived, good through June 2, 2014).

These will go fast. Don’t wait if you want a 2nd Opinion.

Join us today.

I explain it all here

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