Old vs. NEW – Multiply Your ROI (Return on Investment)

When I started selling, my first sales manager told me that as soon as I made a sale and got the check, I should get out the door as fast as possible so the customer wouldn’t change her mind. Then I still had to deliver the product.

Buyer’s remorse was the biggest fear. I worked so hard to make a sale that I didn’t want to jeopardize it.

In the old game of selling, we made more sales when we added new customers and sold again to existing ones. In The NEW Game of Selling™, we multiply ROI – return on investment. Here’s the difference:

The Old Game

Multiply: Repeat

In the old game, we multiplied through a repeat sale. When we made a sale, we weren’t trained to ask them to buy something again right then. We were afraid if you asked them to buy something additional, they might reconsider their existing purchase.

I was taught not to compromise an existing sale. Old sales training taught to go back for a repeat sale after you make the first sale, after the check clears, and after the buyer is in the system. We didn’t want to take a chance on buyer’s remorse.

The NEW Game

Multiply: ROI

The NEW Game is “Multiply ROI” – return on investment. How do you multiply your ROI?

You stay in touch and continually communicate with them. You ask where they want to go next. Every additional sale increases your profit as much as 300 to 900 percent. You multiply your ROI with every new sale, referral, or reactivation of a past customer.

The NEW Game of Selling shows you how to multiply your ROI five ways:

Bump: ask what else they might like or recommend the next step at time of commitment

Bundle: combine a product or service, yours or mine, and give more value for more money

Bargain: offer a whole lot more for a whole lot less if they add it now

Borrow: partner and/or joint venture with other businesses whose audiences are your buyers

Backend: communicate, connect, and offer them new transportation and transformation

Don’t just wait for a repeat sale. Multiply your RO!.

Start today to bump, bundle, bargain, borrow, and back-end.

Tomorrow, November 1 is THE day.

The NEW Game of Selling™ releases on Amazon Kindle and it’s…

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