What's Your Emotional Capital Worth?

(Excerpt from The NEW Game of Business™ Chapter 1, NEW World)

I was homeless, carless and boatless.
I had no Plan B.

In the NEW World life doesn’t always go as planned. To win the new game we must get adept at adaptability, bounce back ability and response-ability. How we respond is more important that what happens to us. This is true in business as it is in life.

“It’s not how far you fall, it’s how high you bounce that counts” are words of wisdom that come in handy in times like these.

You want to have capital built in your emotional, social and psychic accounts. It’s valuable beyond measure to have family, friends and associates who can help and support you in times of need. In the NEW World your emotional, social, and psychic accounts can be more valuable than your savings, investments and financial assets.

Friends and loved ones who open their homes, invite you in and make you feel like family share intrinsic value that cannot be measured. You can’t put a dollar value on a soft landing after an aborted mission.

The NEW World is a World of Interdependence

You cannot go it alone. Your team is as or more important than your talent. You can have great skills and abilities, yet if you don’t surround yourself with a supporting cast of players who make you better and bring out your best, your talent will not shine as brightly as it could.

It’s good to have a pile of money. Sometimes it’s better to have a few good friends. In chapter 6, NEW Economics we’ll talk more about the importance of building your emotional, social and psychic capital accounts. These “ESP” accounts are critical assets of the new game.

I didn’t have a big pile of money. I did have equity in my emotional, social and psychic accounts. I used my ESP capital to navigate my move from New Jersey to San Diego.

Best Made Plans

In the old game you could plan and execute a plan according to plan. In the new game, the plan is obsolete the minute it jumps off the drawing board. Adaptability, flexibility and response-ability are essential “Success-abilities” that help you navigate the uncharted waters of the new game of business.

If not for my friends, I probably would have packed up my four suitcases and gone back east. Relationships and networks are as important and valuable as money in the new game of business. They are intangible

assets that can produce tangible returns. It’s good to know how to live off your ESP capital when

your cash flow is slow.

How much is your emotional capital worth?
Take stock today.

You just may have a golden asset waiting to be cashed in.

Get in the game today.

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