A NEW League for Network Marketers

On Feb. 4, we began “Spring Training” with our rapidly growing Residual Income Team to play and win “The NEW Game of Network Marketing™.”

In just 30 days, our team is changing the game.

We’re forming a NEW League where network marketing is a professional game. The players attracted to this NEW League are eager to elevate their game with new thinking, new approaches, new strategies, new game plans, and a new play book.

In short, NEW Game Players are changing the game from the inside out.

They now know how to eliminate rejection from every business and personal encounter.

They know how to alter their “Stimulus” that elicits a NEW response and engages people in a “NOW” conversation.

They understand how to find out the single most vital piece of information in every business transaction – a person’s readiness to act – and do it in 10 minutes or less.

They know how to use the “5 Questions of Service” to get MEGA-referrals and attract new business their way.

Team members report immediate shifts in how people receive them, positive results in opening up meaningful conversations, and a high level of commitment from their network willing to support and assist them to build their residual income.

One member said her husband is a “changed man” since he began playing the new game.

In just 30 days, our team is producing rapid, consistent, outstanding results. Every day they elevate their game. And we’re just getting started.

One “net positive” is unanimous:

Everyone says they are having more fun playing their Game.

Are you ready to play a NEW Game of Network Marketing™?

If so, we have new tools, new tactics, and dozens of new techniques to elevate your game.

If you are ready to change teams, call us for a tryout 973-736-1304.

We’re happy to see if our team is a good fit for you.

It’s a NEW Game.
You’re a player.

I’ll see you on the field.

Mitch, CEO – Chief Encouragement Officer™
Play the NEW Game of Network Marketing™

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