Can I Gush a Little Today?

Tonight we celebrate our son Adam’s
commencement from High School.

I can’t put into words how proud and
tingly I feel today.

Adam is a great guy. He is grounded,
spiritual, and wise beyond his years.
I am often surprised that through the
haze of teen age, he has sharp clarity
on things that matter. He reminds me
of the old saw about the child being
the father of man.

Adam and I share a birthday. On
December 2, 2006 he turns 18 and
I turn something-something. It’s only
fitting that we also share a commencement.

Today is also a commencement for me.

From 1988 through 1996, I made my living
as a full time speaker and consultant. I was
a road warrior, doing 75 to 100 engagements
a year. My work took me to 44 of the 50 states.

In 1996, I committed to be a full time stay at
home dad until Adam graduated high school.
Tonight, I experience the fulfillment of my
most important personal 10-year goal.

Parenting, not my business, was my first priority.
I arranged my work around my life. It was not
easy. It WAS worth it. I did it for the love of the
game. I love parenting. I enjoyed coaching the
Little Leaguers more than speaking to the big

I adapted my work to my life. I learned to
play a new game of business, money and life.

In the blink of an eye, 10 years have passed.
My little boy is a grown man.
Now, HE picks ME up at the train station.

Tonight, I have the great good fortune to
celebrate Adam’s commencement from
High School, and my commencement
from stay at home dad.

The journey was sweet.
The commencement is bittersweet.

Part of me wants to freeze today in time,
hold on to my little boy, and never let go.
It was easy to give him roots. It’s painfully
hard to give him wings.

There’s another part of me jumping with joy,
wildly celebrating the attainment of something
grand, ready and excited about what’s next.

My head has been telling me that commencement
is not the end, but just another beginning.

My heart feels otherwise.

It is the end of a chapter, a turning point, a
natural rite of passage. Life changes. And so
it goes.

Once again, I get to play a new game.

The new game is not about paradigms.
It’s about paradoxes, and living with opposites.

It’s about bitter and sweet.
It’s about roots and wings.
It’s about hold on and let go.

On the dedication page of my book,
“The NEW Game of Business” I share the
words captured so emotionally and sung
so powerfully by George Benson;

“I believe that children are our future.
Teach them well and let them lead the way.”

Adam, I love you.
I am proud of you.
I believe in you.

Lead the way.

I am full of joy today. Please help yourself to
some of it. The funny thing about joy is the
more of it you share, the more you have.
Find joy in today. Share it with someone.

Thank you for indulging me a little gush today.

Let the NEXT New Game begin.

I’ll meet you on the field.

Mitch, CEO – Chief Encouragement Officer ™
“Gush a little today!”

P.S. To celebrate commencement and new beginnings,
look for some thought provoking and game changing
conversations in the next few days.

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