Illuminate: Harness the Positive Power of Negative Thinking

Are you ready to eliminate the negative in your life?

My dear friend for 20 years, Dave Corbin, has a new book that turns conventional “positive thinking” wisdom upside down…

Illuminate… Harnessing the Positive Power of Negative Thinking!

Dave is known as the “Mentor to the Mentors” because of his behind-the-scenes advice and counsel to hundreds of experts and mentors. His Blackberry is a “Who’s Who” of successful and recognizable people in the business world and personal development field.

He is the host and Executive Producer of the “Pass It On” movie and also in the new Napoleon Hill book and movie, “Three Feet From Gold.” In both movies he introduces the Illuminate model. In this book he gives you the complete model and method.

Visit Illuminate the Negative here…

Illuminate will elevate your ability to deal with life’s curve balls.

The Illuminate premise is:

“We can’t solve everything we face, but we can’t solve anything until we face it.”

In this parable, Dave teaches the simple yet profound Illuminate model:

Face It, Follow It, Fix It!

It’s brilliant.
It’s simple.
It works.

Dave’s book has already hit #2 on Amazon.

I couldn’t be more thrilled for him. Dave is not about hype and bribe, he’s not giving away dozens of bonuses, and he’s not using manufactured scarcity, authority or friendship to convince you to buy his book.

He’s doing it the old fashioned way: on merit. He’s written a terrific book with a life-changing message.

He’s earning it because of who he is, what he’s done for others, and because he is a cherished friend and mentor to many people who want to share his work.

To celebrate his book release, when you purchase ‘Illuminate’ today…

You’ll get 3 special and valuable gifts:

1 – Digital version of Dave’s book Psyched on Service.

Being “Psyched on Service” is a difference maker in the new game of business. This book will help you turn customer service from expense into profit.

I have a 20-year friendship with Dave, and it’s been special for me. I feel it’s as important for you to meet him and get a live experience of “Dave’s World” as it is for you to read his book.

Companies pay him very well to help them Illuminate. I want you to have that experience.

I asked Dave to have an Illumination conversation.

2 – Join us for an open telephone discussion:

“Illuminate: Face, Follow and Fix What’s In Your Way!”

We’ll show you how to add the Illuminate model to your personal and business playbook. You will Illuminate your specific situation, then face it, follow it and fix it. After this conversation, you’ll be able to use this model for the rest of your life.

3 – Audio mp3 of the teleconference to listen again or if you miss the call.

I stayed at Dave’s house for 12 days in August. We had rich Illuminate conversations about many games of life. I know this next one will be as rich and rewarding for you as they have been for me.

Illuminate is an enjoyable story that will give you a new way to eliminate the “negative” in your life and clear the way for new thinking, new doing, and new being.

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Put “Mitch’s Friend” in the subject line.

You’ll get your “Psyched On Service” digital book and private invitation to our Illuminate telephone conversation.

Get Illuminated here now…

You’re an illuminated player.
I’ll meet you on the “Illuminated” field.

Mitch, CEO – Chief Encouragement Officer
“Illuminate… Face, Follow and Fix What’s in Your Way”