January 27 Podcast Replay: Actualize, Capitalize, Monetize

Thanks to those who joined us on our podcast January 27th:

The NEW Game of Money: Actualize, Capitalize, Monetize.

Playing Field: Income!
Playbook: The NEW Game of Money!
Plays: Actualize, Capitalize, Monetize!

Here is the unedited Podcast recording…

Please comment below and let me know how you like it.

You can use the simple and effective money matrix I shared to identify how you can actualize, capitalize and monetize to create active income, passive income and residual income.

We ended with a short description of how you can play with us.

I explained how we can be your…

SOURCE for personal and business success tools and coaching

HORSE to ride us into more income and financial well being

Here are two “Source” and “Horse” options we mentioned:

The NEW Game of Selling
Attract, Qualify, Convert, Keep Multiply Customers NOW

Grand Slam Package and Lifetime Players Club Membership (100 only):

Certified NEW Game Coaching – Earn $500 – $5,000/ month:



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