Podcast Replay: Goodbye Goal Frustration

Podcast Series: “How to Eliminate Soul, Role and Goal Frustration!”

Part 1 – Goodbye Goal Frustration


Do you ever get the feeling you are NOT where you ought to be?

This is goal frustration and it’s a deadly silent killer.

Goal frustration comes from thinking you should be, ought to be
or are supposed to be somewhere else.

The bigger the distance between where you are and where you
think you ought to be, the more you suffer goal frustration. It
diminishes health and well being, and creates feelings of failure.

Goal frustration often is accompanied by role frustration.
Role frustration is not valuing what you do or doing what you value.

Goal and role frustration can lead to soul frustration.
Soul frustration is not being yourself or expressing who you are.

Most of us have one, and a lot of us struggle with two or all
three levels of soul, role and goal frustration.

They pinch off the “garden hose of life” and reduce flow.
Eliminating frustration will help you get back into the flow.

How do you say goodbye to goal frustration?
NOT with more goal.

What is the antidote to relieve role frustration?
NOT working harder.

How do you say so long to soul frustration?
NOT criticizing yourself more.

On this Podcast we begin a series:

“How to Eliminate Soul, Role and Goal Frustration!”

Here’s Part 1 – Goodbye Goal Frustration



This is the first in a 3-part

series to identify symptoms,
isolate the root cause, and eliminate these three killers
that undermine health, wealth, relationships, success
and fulfillment.

This Podcast we focus on goal frustration.
Next we talk role frustration, then soul frustration.

Join us for a thought provoking, NO Box conversation that
will transform you and everyone in your life.

You’re a player.
You CAN change the game.

I’ll meet you on the “goodbye goal frustration” field.

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