Old vs. NEW… Convert Browsers to Buyers

Converting browsers to buyers is how we turn marketing expense into sales revenue. You have significant upside potential by playing your conversion game at a higher level.

The conversion conversation is a challenge for buyer and seller. No part of selling creates more stress, fear, dread, and anxiety than asking someone to buy. Yet its one of the most fertile leverage points to elevate your performance and boost your income.

The key distinction that transforms old to NEW will change your sales game.

The Old Game

Convert: Close the Sale

Attracting buyers through marketing is an investment, and qualifying them is an expense. Both cost money. Making a sale is when we get paid.

The old game was all about closing the sale. It was about “24 Ways to Close the Sale” such as the Right Angle Close, the Ben Franklin Balance Sheet, Twist the Arm behind the Back, Hammer over the Head, and a few dozen more closing techniques.

You had to learn all these closing statements, handle objections, then close again. It was like a battle between buyer and seller. Neither buyer or seller felt comfortable.

Nothing creates more stress and tension than the moment when you are “closing” the sale. If and when you did close them, then you had to keep them. The word close is an ending. It wraps up and completes. The old game was more about closing the sale than gaining a customer.

The NEW Game

Convert: Gain Commitment

Smart companies realize the game is not just to make a sale. The purpose of making a sale is to gain a customer. A customer exchanges money for your product or service. People want to stay in the game with you because they want to be served. They want a result, an improvement, progress, and a good experience. They want your product or service to work.

Converting a browser into a buyer is not the end; it’s just the beginning of a mutually beneficial and profitable relationship. Close is a seller’s word. It’s something you do TO people.

Commitment is a buyer’s word. Mutual commitment is something you do WITH people. Commitment makes the buyer responsible for her choice. It’s a collaborative next step that rewards both parties.

Stop closing sales. Start gaining commitment.

In Play 3 of The NEW Game of Selling, we show you how to use “three magic words” of alignment, agreement and commitment and the “Cost/Value Formula” to convert browsers into buyers.

In our next excerpt, we’ll talk about the difference between old and NEW in how to keep customers coming back for more.

The NEW Game of Selling™ releases November 1 on Amazon Kindle!

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