Old vs. NEW – Keep Customers Coming Back

We know the statistics about how much more it costs to get a new customer than to resell an existing one. Are you doing the best job possible of keeping your customers coming back for more?

If retaining talent is how a company survives, retaining customers is how a company thrives. Hundreds of companies hired me to stop the mass exodus of customers who come in the front door and run out the back door.

Customer turnover is death to profit-ability. If you constantly have to attract, qualify and convert new customers, you are playing the most expensive game over and over again.

It’s time to STOP playing that old game, and start playing a NEW game.

The Old Game

Keep: Renew

The old game of keeping customers revolved around a product or service renewal or a trigger date, like an anniversary, birthday, or special event. We reconnected when there was something new to talk about.

Businesses didn’t have an ongoing process of relationship building and continual engagement. Despite the huge opportunity after the first sale, few companies nurtured customers and proactively served them. It was difficult to keep people from coming in the front door and running out the back door.

The NEW Game

Keep: Serve What’s Next

When you serve people through mutual commitment, they will often tell you what their next purchase will be. The old game was about waiting for an event, a new product launch, or a renewal date to have a reason to call them.

A person can buy again in ten days, ten minutes, even ten seconds. If you serve them and help them get them what they want, they will tell you what they want next.

We are in the transportation business. Once we help transport somebody someplace, she may want to go somewhere else next…then somewhere else…then somewhere else.

What’s next?

In Play 4 of the NEW Game of Selling, we show you how to ask five questions of service that lead to new business, powerful testimonials, ringing endorsements, and MEGA-Referrals. This one play will change your game forever.

In our next excerpt, we’ll show you how to “multiply your ROI” by getting a fast return OF investment and forever return ON investment.

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