Author101 Breeds Book Success

The wisdom I learned from my friend Rick Frishman and the relationships I made at his author events contributed in a big way to The NEW Game of Selling being a #1 bestseller for three straight months in 2013.

Thank you Rick.

If you have a book, want to write a book, want to sell more of your books, want to earn money with your book, or want to talk to me about how to license your book or IP, meet me in LA next weekend for Author101 University.

Rick is a Mensch of Mensch’s. I love him and his events have changed my life. I starting going in 2001, spoke in 2003, and since then, Author 101 has exploded. Thousands of people now have books, bestsellers and the best feeling of all – to know your work is feeding the soul of another human being. There is nothing better.

Author 101 is a breeding ground for book success and so much more. I wouldn’t miss it. The people you’ll meet and the lifelong friends you’ll gain cannot be measured in money. You’ll get wisdom, insights, advice, connections, and access to agents, authors, and people who are doing it. I leave Author 101 with at least 10 times the modest ticket price and usually a lot more, every time.

I am blessed to be Rick’s friend and get to experience one game-changing event after another. Do whatever you have to do to meet me next weekend 10/22-10/26. Can’t make it all then come for a few days. Even one day will change your career forever. It has mine.

You can drive or fly to LAX and take the shuttle one mile to the Westin.

Sign up for Author101 University and tell Rick I sent you. Then contact me and we’ll meet.


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