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  • Is Tom Peters Right?

    Is Tom Peters Right?

    “Wildly over-communicate, especially in tough times.” ~ Tom Peters 12.4.09 Is Tom Peters right? Here’s my take: You don’t have time or patience to wade through a mountain of dung to find the pony at the bottom. You just want the pony. Topics: Business, Marketing, Sales, Service, Thinking

  • Best Business Boosters

    Best Business Boosters

    SEE ALL BEST BUSINESS BOOSTERS WE’RE SERVING UP AT THE SIX-COURSE BANQUET UP TO 80% OFF HERE… Happy New Year, again. Continue to fill it with plenty o’ plenty of what matters most. I continue to practice my New Years mantra: Zen in 2010… Back in the Flow Agai I want to… ‡ Come out […]

  • Spiritual Economics at its Highest and Best

    Spiritual Economics at its Highest and Best

    How to Enrich Your Life and the Lives of 9 Other People! Spiritual economics is at the heart of The NEW Game of Business. Conscious capitalism is about creating the highest and best for all. In “The Kabbalah of Money” Nilton Bonder defines it this way: “Maximum gain for all parties with minimum disturbance to […]

  • Service Mastery: Turn Service into Profit

    Service Mastery: Turn Service into Profit

    During the “How can I serve you best right now” conference call, we gave away four business building resources that have boosted revenues for thousands of businesses and hundreds of thousands of self-employed people. The Service Mastery Blueprint is a no fluff proven model that transforms customer care and turns service into a profit center. […]

  • How can I serve you best, right now?

    How can I serve you best, right now?

    Can ONE QUESTION transform a business or a life? This question alters everyone who asks it… “How can I help and serve you best, right now? One way to bust out of a recession is to help and serve people in the highest and best way you can. We long to be helped buy viagra […]

  • The Magic of Clarity

    The Magic of Clarity

    Ready for a clarity boost? Join us for a clarity conversation. Friday October 9 at NOON Eastern. Dial: 270-400-1500 Pin Code: 12254# When I ask people, “What’s the best contribution I make to you” the answer I get most often is… Clarity! Clarity lifts the clouds of uncertainty. Clarity opens the door of possibility. Clarity […]

  • Make More Rain in Your Business Today

    Make More Rain in Your Business Today

    Today we went deep and wide in our monthly Rainmakers Mastery™ conversation about business and life. Download the mp3 here… We detailed specific “what and ho propecia without prescription w to do” including: -> 2nd Opinion Marketing: Give Away the “What” and Charge for the “How” -> 3 Magic Words That Advance Relationships: How to […]

  • Rainmakers Mastery Rocks the House

    Rainmakers Mastery Rocks the House

    For one last time, on May 30 we invited guests to our private Rainmakers Mastery™ team meeting. During this private “Rainmakers Roundtable” any member who wants a “Rainstorming” session gets one. There is no time limit. We continue until everyone gets what they came for. Those who play the whole game get the most out […]