The NEW Game of Selling… Why NEW, Why Now?

I’ve been playing the sales game for 35 years.

“If there was ever a time for NEW, it’s NOW!

The old game of selling is over and it can’t end too soon.

We crave to be served, not sold. The NEW Game™ is about serving people, solving problems, and social engagement. It’s about meaning, relevance and experience.

The old game was about transactions.

The NEW Game™ is about transportation and transformation.

We transport people from where they are to where they want to be, and help them transform from who they were to who they want to be.

Why NEW and why now?

Because the game has changed! Old worn out approaches, strategies, tactics, techniques and skills are no longer acceptable in today’s buyer dominated world. In the first edition of The NEW Game of Business™ in 2004 I said:

“Caveat Vendior… Let the SELLER Beware!”

The playing field has changed. The buyer now controls the game, and has more information than the seller.

Trust has shifted from the seller to peers, peeps, and Yelp. We place more faith in our fellow buyers than sellers.

You and I face a fork in the road right now. If we don’t change our game, we run the risk of being obsolete. We are either indispensable or irrelevant. I want to be indispensable. Either we play a new game, or we will be extinct.

What is the emotional, psychological, and financial cost of staying the same? I’m not going to stay the same. I’m adapting to the changing world around me.

If you stay the same, your skills don’t improve. Results don’t happen without effort.

What is the payoff to change your game? Nobody really knows. It can be marginal, magnificent, and maybe exponential. One thing is for sure:

The game will not stop so you can catch up. Adaptability, flexibility, and bounce back-ability are essential.

The NEW Game of Selling changes everything. You can be wildly successful being yourself. It will pay off for the rest of your professional life. It will even change the game of life.

Play The NEW Game of Selling. Start today.

Look for The NEW Game of Selling on Amazon next week.

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